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Interview with YouTube Fitness Troll Tim Shufflebottom

I had an interview with the infamous YouTube Fitness Troll Tim Shufflebottom.

Aside from losing 180+ pounds, many in the fitness niche know Tim as the YouTube troll (aka Grim Hope, aka Misery) causing havoc on many people's channels.

Watch the interview below to find out

  • Why people troll and how sometimes terrible events in a dark past life lead to negative attitudes and behaviors in the future...
  • Why Tom feels intermittent fasting isn't the first step for the super-obese
  • What's the funniest comment Tom ever got after trolling a YouTube page?
  • Which YouTubers actually hate Tom and have blocked him from everything
  • . . . and even a comment troll can feel badly sometimes.

In this video, a notorious "troll" explained exactly WHY HATERS HATE. They hate because they are not happy with some aspects life. For instance, Tim / Grim said he started Trolling because his girlfriend was dying. he was also unhappy with his appearance because he weighted over 300 pounds.

I also had him explain what haters are trying to accomplish when they hate. THEY WANT YOU RESPOND!!!! THEY WANT YOU TO FEEL ANGRY TOO!!! Tim/Grim explained that his whole mission was to get you guys all feeling butt hurt and pissed off. He said that he got a rush out of YOUR ANGER. He said he especially LOVED it when one of the YouTubers would respond to him! (Mark falls for this shit every time! SMFH/LMFAO)

HATERS WANT TO CONTROL YOU! When you get mad over some guy's YouTube comment (or video ? ) YOU ARE LETTING THAT PERSON CONTROL YOU EMOTIONS! When you react or respond to a hater, THEY CONTROL YOUR BEHAVIOR!

Why would you let another man control your emotions or your behavior??????

The craziest part of this is, you guys always fall right into the trap! THE HATERS WANT YOU TO GET MAD! That's all they want. DON'T FALL INTO THE TRAP!

I knew all about this, it's basic human physiology. But it's WAY more powerful to to hear it directly from the Tim!

Tim/Grim just taught you guys one of the most important lessons you will ever learn! You all should be thanking him for his honesty and transparency.

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