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Live and DIE IN L.A.


Next Stop on the World Tour was Los Angeles!

This sh*t really is amazing and each one is better than the last. Check out the highlights in the new episode of EVERYDAY DOMINATION below:

In addition to our usual lineup, (Yahya, Raymond and yours truly) we had three extra special guests come through:

One of which was my buddy Adam. He began working in direct sales at the young age of 13 and by the time he was 24 he never had to work another day in his life. He gave a powerful speech about the importance of having a winning attitude and how it is the catalyst to success...

Next was my homie Mark Dharma. He's been a model for Men's Fitness (which is dope) and he personally trained Rita Ora (OOOUUU). Mark gave a live presentation, showing the audience how to  quickly get rid of "head trash" and negative thoughts.

Our next guest was none other than my big brother Robert, better known as Uncle Rob :)

This was such a special moment for me because he and I started at the bottom with nothing going for us. If you would have told me 10 years ago that we would be speaking to a crowd of people teaching them how to become successful I would have told you your f*cking crazy...

It was an awesome thing to witness :D

We are making history here and if you haven't gotten your ticket yet, I highly suggest you do. You will leave the even with the invaluable information you will NOT be able to find anywhere else. Especially not at the low price you can now...

Ya Boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC



Remember, this is a World Tour, so check the site to see when we will be in a city near you.