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How to Lose Excess Stomach Fat and Keep It Off for Good

Losing excess stomach fat can be tough. This article will show you how to get rid of that excess stomach fat for good.

Losing excess stomach fat is an issue, especially for men who tend to accrue fat in their midsection. With women, the fat gain is more spread throughout their body, hence the cottage cheese thighs and the flab under their triceps.

Nevertheless, both genders have to put up with fat around their gut that covers up the sexy toned abs that just lurks beneath.

Fear not, though, with a commitment to follow a steady diet and exercise plan, that ugly stomach fat will melt off in no time.

Be Selective About Where You Get Your Carbs

Exercising hard is no excuse to eat whatever you want! You get one cheat day a week where you can freely indulge on your favorite foods. The other six days, however, you have to eat for muscle building and fat burning.

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The first I want to discuss is carbs. Most of you know the difference between simple and complex carbs.

Here’s the deal: at least 80% of your total carb intake should come from complex sources, this means foods like oatmeal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread.

Fruits, while they contain sugar, may fall within this 80% due to their high nutritional value. Plus, most also come with a good heaping of fiber.

The remaining 20% leaves for a bit of wiggle room to consume simple carbs. Most of this 20% should be consumed during breakfast or before or after workout.

The reason refined carbs and sugar is bad news is because they are composed of glucose and fructose. The latter can only be metabolized by the liver in certain amounts. Consume more than your liver can handle and the rest will be stored as fat, most of it going right to your stomach.

Consume Plenty of Fiber

Also be sure to consume plenty of vegetables and leafy greens, which contain high doses of viscous fiber. This type of fiber binds to water and forms a gel-like substance that “sits” in the stomach. The substance slows digestion and nutrient absorption, which creates a feeling of fullness.

Viscous fiber, therefore, acts as an appetite suppressant.

What’s more, a five-year study showed that subjects who consumed at least 10 grams of viscous fiber a day had 3.7% less fat in their abdominal section.

Eat More Protein

Getting more protein is perhaps the single most effective dietary change you can make for losing excess stomach fat.

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This study shows that protein has an inverse relation to belly fat. In other words, the more protein you eat, the less stomach fat you have.

A separate study also showed that protein, especially from meat sources, was linked to less fat accumulation in the midsection.

Here's a bonus tip : if you use any type of oil to cook your meats, stick with coconut oil, which was shown in a study to reduce fat around the abdominal cavity.

Make the Gym Your Second Home

Okay, the subtitle above is a bit misleading; spending too much time in the gym is counterproductive. The point, though, is that you should get acquainted with a strict schedule that involves rigorous strength training.

This applies even for women. Any muscle you gain will aid in the fat loss process since muscle requires calories to maintain even when at rest.

By strength training, though, I’m talking about compound movements like heavy squatting and deadlifts, so don’t wuss out by sticking to bicep curls and bodyweight sit-ups.

Be Sure to Do HIIT Cardio

Aside from strength training, you also have to get in aerobic activity. My definition of “cardio,” however, does not mean 30 minutes on a treadmill at a moderate pace.

Here’s the problem with traditional cardio: sure, it burns calories and fat, but the amount is too small to be of any significance.

When you perform cardio and exert maximum intensity for a short period, as is the case with sprinting or HIIT, your body immediately depletes its energy stores, which requires it to tap into its reserves.

In this case, the energy reserves include stored glycogen, blood glucose, free fatty acids, and intramuscular fat. In layman’s terms, body fat is converted into energy.

This study shows the superior fat loss efficiency of short bursts of high intensity cardio compared to steady jogging.

Stomach Fat Can Be Permanently Shed

Keep in mind that while certain methods may target stomach fat to some degree, there really is no such thing as spot reduction (losing fat specifically in one area).

With that in mind, don’t think that all those crunches will lead to flatter abs; your body doesn’t burn fat that way.

Losing excess stomach fat is achieved through a combination of making sound food choices and sticking to your workout regimens, no matter how inconvenient they may be at times.

One final note:

I recommend getting a boost from a fat burner like Tea Rexx. This supplement raises body thermogenesis and adds to the already fat-burning zone you’re in when you follow the ascribed workouts and dieting regimen.