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Maximize Body Thermogenesis for Accelerated Fat loss

Most of you know by now that I’m a straight shooter when it comes to fat loss. There are no shortcuts; you have to go through the weekly regimen of dieting, cardio, and strength training. Nevertheless, there are ways of speeding up the process. Before I go into further detail, it helps to understand the scientific side of how weight loss works. Basically, your body burns calories via process known as thermogenesis.


Simply put, thermogenesis is the body’s ability to produce heat. Here’s the lo-down: the more heat your body produces, the more calories it burns. That means more fat loss and a fast track to a six-pack.

There are several ways to increase thermogenesis. The most common is through exercise, or any physical movement for that matter. If you’re walking, you create a greater state of thermogenesis than if you were sitting. If you jog, you increase heat production even further. If you sprint, perform HIIT cardio, or do some heavy compound exercise, then you really ramp up thermogenesis to its max. This is partly why I’m a huge advocate of keeping sessions brief but intense. When you’re exerting at your maximum capacity to the point where you feel like you’re going to die, you can bet that your body is in thermogenic overdrive.

Here’s some good news to digest: there are other ways to induce thermogenesis besides exercise.

Other Ways to Raise Thermal Body Temperature

How you eat also impacts the rate of thermogenesis. Yes, you have to consume less than your body burns, but the food choices are just as relevant. For one, you should consume a higher ratio of protein. Studies have actually confirmed that a high protein intake actually induces thermogenesis, especially if protein is consumed in place of simple and refined carbs. Carbs also somewhat raise thermogenesis, while fats contribute the least.

This is why I’m a proponent of a high protein diet especially if fat loss is your primary goal. I recommend a ratio of 50% protein at the very least, though a ratio of 60% or 65% is even better, while carbs and fat can be equally divided among the remaining 35% to 40%.

Expose Yourself to Extreme Cold

When you’re exposed to cold temperatures, your body burns excess calories to produce heat. For maximum effect, it’s not enough to just step outside on a chilly day in T-shirt and shorts. You have to expose yourself to the point where you’re shivering. Taking a cold shower is not a bad idea, but for maximum thermogenesis, treat your body to an ice bath. Dunking your body in ice water is extremely intense and can send your body into shock. It can also cause 1st degree ice burns. This is something that will need to be eased into.

Of course, ice baths require tons of ice; this makes it expensive not to mention time consuming to prepare. Watch this video below for an equally effective yet much more practical method.

The method described above is known as shivering thermogenesis. There is also a second – and much less intense – method known as non-shivering thermogenesis. This is simply achieved by ingesting an ice cold beverage, which causes your body to raise its internal temperature as a counterbalance. Make it a habit to drink at least one gallon of refrigerated or ice water a day. This is the amount of water you should be drinking daily anyways if you are physically active, so making the transition to cold water isn’t much of a modification.

Supplement with Natural Herbs

tearexx-how ripped do you want to beSome herbs are also known to increase thermogenesis. Green tea extract, for instance, contains natural caffeine, which elevates the heart rate and body temperatures. Other herbs like raspberry ketones and yohimbe are also known to have the same effect.

Tea Rexx is a fat loss product that contains the aforementioned herbs. I highly recommend it as a supplement to your workouts and diet. It won’t do all the work for you, but it will help you see results in less time.

Here is a student of mine who is dedicated to becoming the best version of himself. He has followed a protocol very much like what you see here in this blog post.

He also has the edge by taking Rebellion & Tea Rexx.

It doesn’t mean you have to take supplements to get these results, but as you can see it can help speed things up in a healthy way.

What About Alcohol?

This is something I want to discuss really quickly because there is scientific literature out there that confirms the thermogenic effects of alcohol. Yes, this study confirms that alcohol indeed induces thermogenesis.

Some of you may be tempted, then, to use that as an excuse for binging on beer and hoarding kegs in your garage. While certain alcoholic drinks, such as wine, are beneficial in moderation, beer in excess has harmful effects that far exceed the benefits of a thermal boost. The previous methods described are far more effective; resorting to beer as a fat loss aid is simply a boneheaded idea.

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