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Meal Plan for a Flat Belly and Toned Abs


If obtaining toned abs was easy, then a lot more people would be sporting a six pack. Of course, nothing worth having in life comes easy. If you want a tight waistline, then you need cardio and a disciplined diet to burn more calories than what your body takes in. So many people stray during their fat loss journey, which is why they are doomed to fail. To stay on course, follow my meal plan for a flat belly.

What It Means to Be a Disciplined Eater

In my experience, I notice that people tend to stray from their diet much more so than from their workouts. It’s a bit of an anomaly to me that people are willing to bust their ass in the gym but allow themselves so much wiggle room when it comes to their diet.

If you want the flat belly of a Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein model, then you need to follow a weekly meal plan and actually stick to it.

It all comes down to planning. With me, I always plan my meals the night before. This way, the meal can be consumed as is or be ready with a short heat up in the microwave. I always take about 15 minutes before going to bed to prepare my meals for tomorrow. I usually do this even when I don’t have to work or don't have any other major commitments the next day.

Typical Meal for a Toned Belly

If you’re aiming for shredded abs, then you have to consume lesser calories on most days. Here is a sample of what a meal plan for a flat belly should look like:

7:00 am (breakfast) 1 fruit, 1 cup skim milk  250 calories
9:30 am ¼ cup nuts, 1-inch cube cheddar 200 calories
12:30 pm (lunch) Tuna sandwich on flat bread w/ olive oil dressing, salad 350 calories
3:00 pm 1 fruit 100 calories
6:00 pm (dinner)  Lean steak, steamed vegetables 200 calories
9:00 pm 1 cup skim milk 100 calories

As you may have noticed, the meal plan contains very little carbohydrates except for some fruit and a little bit of complex carbs for lunch. Keep carbs minimal, preferably 10%-25% of your total meal. There should also be zero refined carbs with the exception of fresh or frozen fruit. On your strength training days, however, you may consume refined carbs (e.g. white rice, white bread) immediately before or after your workout. Refrain from consuming carbs of any kind (including fruit) after your fourth meal.

Though not mentioned in the chart, the meal plan should also consist of at least one gallon of water consumed with meals and in between. It is important that you stay hydrated while trying to lose fat. Being dehydrated by even just 1% lowers blood volume. This reduces the blood’s ability to deliver oxygen, which in turn slows your metabolism, and in turn, fat loss.

Eat Your Way to a Flatter Belly

If you’re having trouble coming up with weekly meals or are unsure about the ratios, then please allow me to customize a meal plan on your behalf. With me personalizing your meals, I guarantee you will have the perfect dietary regimen conducive for maximum fat loss.

You need a specific meal plan for a flat belly because not all foods are created equal. Protein, carbs, and fat all serve a completely different function. Fat loss is not as simple as just reducing calories; the quality of food matters just as much.