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My Fail-Proof Diet to Lose Belly Fat

There’s a saying in the bodybuilding community that abs are forged in the kitchen and not in the gym. This post will reveal to you my fail-proof diet for losing belly fat.

The above saying is one of my all-time favorite fitness quotes because the dieting component is where so many people go astray.

I find it funny how some people can push themselves to the max at the gym but falter so badly in the kitchen because they can’t resist having that croissant or slice of apple pie.

If you are willing to commit, however, then keep reading. Here is my ultimate diet for losing belly fat.

Make Protein Your Best Friend

When it comes to dieting, I don’t buy into the whole vegetarian or vegan lifestyle that so many supposed health gurus push nowadays.

This isn’t a knock on those who gravitate towards a meatless diet; I just believe that higher protein diets are underrated.

Grilled salmon with a honey glaze on a bed of lambs lettuce

With that in mind, I do advocate consuming lots of meat and dairy. Aside from the rich and complete protein content, these types of foods also contain a plethora of other nutrients.

If you’re a vegetarian, upping protein is not that hard since dairy, eggs, and fish can still viable choices, depending on what type of vegetarian you are.

If you’re a hardcore vegan, then getting in sufficient protein will be tough. Sure, there’s soy protein, but studies have shown that soy elevates estrogen hormones, which encourages the body to store fat.

I truly believe meat and dairy should be a staple in your diet, along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

So how much protein do you need? If you’re trying to lose belly fat, then I recommend 40% at a minimum of your daily calorie intake to come from protein.

Here’s a sample diet plan that is super-rich in Protein:

7:00 am breakfast 2 scrambled eggs, 1 cup milk, 1 banana
10:00 am 1 cup milk, 1 scoop whey protein,
12:30 am lunch Salmon or tilapia on wheat bread, sliced vegetables, virgin olive oil dressing
3:00 pm 1 cup milk, pre-sliced chicken breast or drumsticks, 1 fruit
6:00 pm dinner Lean beef, 2 boiled eggs, sliced vegetables
9:00 pm 1 cup milk, nuts or almonds

Every meal in this chart contains a protein source. There is also very few carbs; in fact, three of the meals don’t even have a carb source at all.

Why You Need a Lot of Protein

Protein is harder to digest than fat and carbs. The body, therefore, requires more expended effort, resulting in more calorie burn to break the protein down.

Protein also helps the body retain muscle mass, and lean muscle maintenance requires energy expenditure (calorie burning).

In addition, when you’re on a high-protein eating plan during a weight loss diet, more of the pounds dropped come from fat as opposed to lean muscle.

This was proven in this study where subjects were divided into the following three eating groups:

  • Group 1: consumed the recommended daily allowance of protein (.8 grams per kg of body weight).
  • Group 2: consumed twice the RDA of protein
  • Group 3: consumed three times the RDA of protein

At the end of the 31-day study, all three groups lost roughly the same amount of weight (average 2.7 to 3.5 lbs.).  Group 2, however, lost the most amount of fat, comprising about 70% of their weight loss.

Group 3 was not far behind with about 64% of the weight loss from fat. Group 1, which consumed within the RDA, fared the worst, losing only about 42% of their weight from fat. That means they lost more lean muscle than they did body fat!

Belly Fat Loss Diet Made Simple

Here is a simple rundown of a belly fat diet summarized in three easy steps:

  • Eat a lot of protein (at least 40% of your total calorie intake)
  • Drastically limit refined carbs
  • Drastically limit anything that would fall under the label of “junk food” or “empty calories”

As long as you follow these three simple steps, then you are on the right track to fat loss with respects to your diet.

Of course, some people still have difficulty formulating a weekly dieting plan that has all three components in place. To avoid second-guessing, you'll want my Custom Meal Plan where I design a diet for you! .