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My First World Tour!


Today was truly special. We kicked off our World Tour right here in the heart of NYC. It was awesome, better than expected. Check out how it all went down in the video below:

Aight, so let me tell you what happened:

First, the Bro Labs crew, guest speakers and I all met up at the event's space early to set up and go over the agenda for the day, which went a little something like this:

Brian kicked it off sharing his experience, explaining why you should never give up, even when odds are stacked against you. Then, we had the motivational speaker, author, and confidence coach, Yahya Bakkar showing  the audience how to develop unshakable confidence and how to create a vision for your life. Afterward, we had  Raymond, million dollar copywriter share his lesson on why and how to stop exchanging your time for money. Then we had a surprise...

My good friend, James Swanick showed up unannounced and told everyone how he went from being a broke freeloader, to know running a 6-figure-a-month business, explaining that you need to pay to get rich. After 6+ hours of amazing insight into these people's lives, I wrapped up the event sharing some dark stories I've never before admitted publicly, exposing everyone to what it really takes to become successful. Afterward, the team and I headed over to a dope restaurant to have a private dinner with the special guests that wanted that extra time to connect and get their questions answered. It was an awesome time and I can't wait to do it all over again in the weeks to come. :)

We are coming to a city near you and if you haven't signed up yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Click here to do so now!

Ya Boy,

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