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My Interview with RSD Julien Blanc

Check out my interview with Julien Blanc. Below are some random excerpts from the interview.


Julien: A lot of guys think that when they become a solo-preneur that there going to be able to work at home and they will have the TV and Playstation and its going to be so much fun ! Don't do that. That's a mistake.

Brandon: I personally don't know any successful people that work with a bunch of distracting toys around. It might be done but I haven't seen it in my life.

Julien: Guys also need to be honest with themselves. Guys think they are so strong and that they can work with all these distracting things around and that they can just simply resist them. That's not smart. There is no need to waste your limited willpower resisting all these distractions that you can just easily get rid of in the first place.

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