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My nephew and I are starting a rap group!?


I'm out here in Chicago! Back in my hometown. God, it feels so good to be back. :)

I got to see some old friends and my little nephew!

The kid has BARS and we've been thinking about doing a little somethin'-somethin'. Check out our dope freestyle in the new episode of EVERYDAY DOMINATION:

Why are we out here?


Myself, White Boy Brian and the rest of the crew are back at it again. With new and improved concepts and strategies to share with our students. We've made three visits so far and each one is getting better than the last..

And we have many more cities to visit! If you haven't got your ticket yet, go to: https://renegadesummit.com/save-your-seat

and make sure you get it now! You don't want to miss this and we don't know the next time we will be doing this again, especially for a crazy deal like this...

Check this out:

If you sign up now you can bring a friend with you for FREE.

In all the events and masterminds I've ever been to, that has never been offered to me.

Don't f*ck this up, you know what to do ;)

Ya boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC

Snapchat: KillerCarter187


My boys at Bucks Books have gotten me, as well as 29 other highly respected experts in the fitness industry to provide free copies of our books in one massive badass book bundle!

To be clear, this means by just clicking the link below and putting in your info, you will get over 29 books and you don't have to pay sh*t.


Damn, Sènior Brando Grande has hooked you up again :)