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New Abs Workout Video for a Chiseled Core

Check out this new abs workout video. You will really be in pain after doing this workout, but the results will be worth it!

If you do it right, it should take 20-30 mins max!

I put together a new ab workout video every week, so don't think you need to run out and find another.

Watch the video and follow at my pace to the best of your ability. Feel free to use this video during every ab training session or switch it up using a number of other ab video routines on my site.

Get Rid of Fat

Even if you have abs of steel and can push through this or any other of my ab workouts, your six pack isn't going to show if you have too much body fat in your midsection. To burn off the fat, you need to incorporate a combination of intense cardio and strength training. Check out my program The Simple Shredded Solution for more information about burning fat and building muscles!

The other equation for shredded abs involves the food you eat. Let me help you customize a meal plan to prime your body for fat loss.