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Pillar 3 - Nutrient Timing

Pillar #3:
Nutrient Timing

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<p>In the last two pillars I shared sample meal plans that include breakfast.</p><p>But you want to know what my secret weapon for staying in a caloric deficit to accelerate fat loss is?.</p><p>

It’s called intermittent fasting..

No, this isn’t some "all-day or multi-day fasting thing….

Intermittent fasting (at least, the method I do) is where you fast for around sixteen hours a day and then eight hours a day I allow myself to eat..

That 8-hour window is called a feeding window. .

The rest of the time I don't eat anything with calories..

I'll drink water, tea (with nothing in it), or drink black coffee (no sugar, no cream – just black). That's all I consume during the “fasting” times of the day. Then I eat during my feeding window, and fast till the next day..

Here’s what it looks like to get a better idea:.

8:00am -- Wake up; 1-2 cups of Black Coffee (no sugar or cream).

1:30pm -- Pre Workout - “Rebellion” (Pre Workout) + 10 Grams of BCAA.

3:00pm -- Meal #1 (Post-Workout).

5:00pm -- Meal #2.

8:00pm -- Meal #3.

11:00pm -- Meal #4.

To learn more and get your custom meal plan, click here..

Why This Is So Effective…

When you wake up and push your first meal to later in the day (and stick to this “feeding window”), you’re essentially cramming MORE food into a smaller window of time. Therefore, your meals can be larger and more satiating – instead of eating really small meals all throughout the day that don’t fill you up in the least..

When you’re hungry all day, it’s really tough staying focused and motivated..

That’s why most “diets” are doomed to fail. That, and you’re MUCH more likely to cheat as you only have a limited amount of willpower to use every day. Use it up trying not to eat earlier in the day, and you’ll find yourself much more likely to snack at night.

The Effects Of Fasting On Fat Loss

During that sixteen-hour fasting period, without consuming anything to burn for energy, you're basically putting your body in a position to stay alive – to move and to go about your day – so your body has to tap into the only reserves it has for energy: fat..

By fasting daily, you’re forcing your body into this fat burning state every day..

And it works really well… .

I've seen people lose fat WITHOUT working out..

All they did was put themselves in a caloric deficit, because if you're burning more calories than you consume, you're going to lose fat whether you work out or not..

That's why your diet is so critical. Intermittent fasting really helps you stay in a caloric deficit..

It works better than cardio, too. Cardio helps, but being in a caloric deficit is the best (and easiest) way to go. .

You can't out-train a bad diet.

Your Next Steps

Fasting is an important part of losing body fat and cutting up to get that coveted six pack..

I use this strategy every day, and recommend you do too..

But, this only scratches the surface of intermittent fasting....

If you want to learn more about it and exactly how I use it to stay shredded year-round, then check out my Get Ripped Fast program by clicking here..

I lay out my entire nutrition strategy - along with the exact workout protocol that supports that nutrition strategy..

The result....

Getting shredded as fast as humanly possible..

Pillar #4: Lifting Strategies

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