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Pillar 4 - Lifting Strategy

Pillar #4:
Lifting To Build Lean Muscle And Remove Body Fat

<p>I’m willing to bet that you've probably wasted many hours in the gym. Big chest muscles don’t come from doing flyes, statuesque legs don’t come from leg extensions and curls, and you will not get a massive back by doing one arm cable rows. .</p><p>Ditch the isolation exercises and start replacing them with <strong>compound movements</strong> to build quality muscle fast!.</p><p>It’s no secret that compound exercises build muscle mass more efficiently than isolation exercises, but why?.</p><p>Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at one time, whereas isolation exercises, work just one. Therefore, <strong><em>both</em> <em>your time and effort are maximized by choosing compound exercises over isolation exercises</em></strong><em>.</em>.</p><p>One set of deadlifts will engage practically every muscle in your body. It commands a high-intensity output - crucial for building lean muscle and aiding in fast fat loss..</p><p>Heavy pulling movements and pressing movements build impressive arms in ways that forearm or bicep curls alone never could. A heavy bench press is going to do so much more for your arms than an isolation movement like dumbbell curls.<br /> .</p><p><h2>The Best Compound Exercises</h2><p>A compound exercise includes the work of more than one major muscle group at the same time. Most of the load is taken on by one muscle group and the rest is taken on by the smaller (secondary) muscle groups..</p><p>By now you realize that compound exercises are the staples of any great workout regimen..</p><p>That said, let’s look at what the BEST compound exercises are....</p><p><p style="padding-left: 30px;"><strong>Bench Press </strong>(Flat, Incline, or Decline)<br /><strong>Military (Shoulder) Press </strong>(Barbell, Dumbbells, or Handstand Pushups)<br /><strong>Dips<br /></strong><strong>Rows<br /></strong><strong>Pull-Ups<br /></strong><strong>Deadlifts<br /></strong><strong>Squats</strong>.</p><p>These are the exercises to stick to if you want to maximize your gains.<br /> .</p><p><h2>Your Next Steps</h2><p>I go a LOT deeper into this in my full program, Get Ripped Fast....</p><p>Including how you put these compound movements together into one cohesive program designed to remove the body fat while building lean muscle mass..</p><p>It's super effective, too... Just look at <a href="">all the case studies on this page.</a>.</p><p>If you want to learn more about how to get the body you want, then check out my Get Ripped Fast program by <a href="">clicking here</a>..</p><p>I lay out my entire nutrition strategy - along with the exact workout protocol that supports that nutrition strategy..</p><p>The result....</p><p>Getting shredded as fast as humanly possible..</p><p>
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