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Raspberry Ketones: Nature’s Fountain of Youth

Supplements are a controversial topic in the health and fitness niche. Some people swear by them while others believe they are nothing more than snake oil pushed by a multi-million dollar industry. Here’s my take: supplements can be useful IF the ingredients have been clinically studied under independent research. Raspberry ketones are among the handful of compounds that have been studied at length.

Raspberry Ketones Explained

Ketones are a phenolic compound found in a variety of fruits, including – as I’m sure you can guess – raspberries. Ketones are what gives the fruit its sweet and sour aroma. More importantly for you and me, they also contain a number of health benefits that have been extensively studied and documented.

If you’re taking a product like Tea Rexx, then I assume you must have a training and dieting regimen in place for fat loss. Well, raspberry ketones are among the ingredients that have been shown to stimulate weight loss by aiding in the production of the enzyme lipase. This enzyme helps by freeing fatty acids from fat cells.

Here is a student of mine who has followed a protocol very much like what you see here in this blog post.

You can give yourself the same edge by taking Rebellion & Tea Rexx. It doesn’t mean you have to take supplements to get these results, but as you can see it can help speed things up in a healthy way.

The study confirming the weight loss benefits of raspberry ketones can be found here.

In addition, ketones are also believed to promote healthy bone formation. Research discovered that the compound helps stem cells develop richer alkaline and phosphatase concentrations, which has a positive effect in the formation of bone cells. If you don’t mind some scientific jargon-heavy literature, then you can read the studies at this site.

Ketones Also Boost Your Emotional Well-Being

Health is usually only discussed with respects to the physical body. You have to realize, however, that your inner well-being on a mental and emotional level have just as much of an impact on your overall health. Too much stress and anxiety are responsible for physical changes in the body, usually through the excess production of cortisol. It may even lead to cancer! It’s true; this study backs it up.

Among its many benefits, Raspberry ketones are believed to aid in the production of the hormone norepinephrine, which is believed to fight major depressive disorders by promoting a sense of well-being.

Raspberry Ketones Are the Real Deal

When you follow a strict diet and perform HIIT cardio, your primary intention is obviously to lose as much body fat in the shortest time possible. The results you eventually see in the mirror makes you feel good about yourself. That sense of self-confidence, in the end, is far more important than those chiseled abs, iron pecs, or baseball-sized upper arms. Raspberry ketones is one of multiple ingredients in Tea Rexx that promotes fat loss but also enhances your well-being.

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