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"Sex, Pick Up, and Relationship Advice From Hot Women" Live Q&A 8/19/15

In Wednesday's Q and A, I was able to get two girls with extensive dating backgrounds to help me answer some of your guys sex, pick up, and relationship questions. Check it out !

One Random Excerpts from the Q-A Session:

Do girls like humble or arrogant guys?

Always humble, arrogant is always a little to calculated and too pushy and its not real. There is also a real difference between confidence and being arrogant. Confidence so sexy. Arrogance is, no matter how cute or shredded you are, its just ugly. Don't fall for that facade of trying to be the richest, coolest, and most popular person all the time and truly embrace yourself. When you do that, then more people will respond to that.

How much does money matter?

It all depends on what you are looking for in life. In this day and age, money does help obviously, but depends on what you are looking for. If you are spending your time making money and you show off your money and you get a girl to come to you, you are obviously attracting a girl that likes money. I think you have to be smarter than that. I think its not so much, but if you have a job and a drive. Your passionate about what your doing, then I think that is going to be enough.

Any tinder advice ?

Well, be straightforward and very congruent and real to the person. Truly be yourself and advertise that to the person. There are thousands of girls out there and thousands are going to love the true person you are so be yourself. Do not post a photo of you from five years ago, or a ridiculously altered or edited version of yourself for the internet. I have a creepy story of one of my experiences with online dating.....

For the rest of interview, click the link to the full video interview above !"