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Speed Workout Drills for Increased Agility While Burning Fat

Speed workout drills are a great way to improve your agility and stamina while simultaneously dropping crazy amounts of fat. Here is how you can incorporate them into your workout routine...

Working out doesn't just have to be about achieving a lean and mean physique. If you’re an athlete, then training for performance is extremely important, and it can still help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Even if you just want to drop a few pounds, I recommend some speed workout drills for increasing agility, stamina, and muscular endurance. Many speed workouts are also a great way to change up your routine if you need a little deviation from your conventional training.

Believe me, these workouts are every bit as challenging and can be incorporated into your HIIT routine.

Here are a few exercises to prime your body for cheetah-like speed.

1. Weave in Weave Out

Place four cones in a straight line and about three yards apart. In between each cone, place another cone three yards to the left. Sprint from one cone to the next, kneeling just enough to place your hand on the cone before quickly proceeding to the next.

This is an excellent exercise for developing lateral movement.

2. Single-Leg Bounds

Balancing on one leg, push off that leg and land on the opposite foot. As soon as the foot lands, begin the next rep without pause. This exercise develops “push-off” power while developing strength in the calf muscles.

3. Arm Postures

The movement of the arms is just as important as the legs when running. To condition the arms for proper posture, bend the elbows at 90 degrees and mimic the movement you would during a run. That is, raise one hand to the cheeks while the other lowers to your hips.

Keep alternating as fast as you can. If you’re just emphasizing on technique, then perform the drill as is. If you want to add a conditioning component to it, then run in place as you do it.

4. Suicide Drill

Distribute cones across a straight line with each one placed twice as far than the previous (e.g. 3 yards, 6 yards, 12 yard, 24 yards, and so on).

From the start point, sprint to the first cone and back to the starting point. Immediately proceed to sprint to the second cone and back to the starting point. Keep sprinting to the next furthest cone every time you return to the starting point.

5. Alternating Step-Up

With a sturdy stool or yoga step about six inches high, raise one foot to the step followed by the other. Immediately lower the first foot to the floor followed by the other. Repeat with the other foot stepping up first. Do this as fast as you can, keeping light on the balls of your feet the whole time.

Putting It all Together

The exercises listed above can be incorporated into a HIIT routine, such as in the example workout below:

Weave in Weave Out 30 seconds
30 second rest
Single-leg bounds 30 seconds
30 second rest
Arm postures (while running in place) 30 seconds
30 second rest
Suicide drill  30 seconds
30 second rest
Alternating step-up 30 seconds
Repeat cycle 2-3 more times

This type of workout will need to be performed outdoors with plenty of open space and preferably on a relatively flat surface. Each exercise also needs to be done as fast as possible while maintaining good form.

In addition, you can also adjust the duration of each exercise depending on the difficulty of each one.

You may find, for example, single-leg bounds to be too taxing for you to go for a full 30 seconds especially once you reach the second cycle and beyond. If so, just go for about 20 seconds and distribute those extra 10 seconds to another exercise, such as the alternating step-up.

Increase Speed WHILE Burning Fat

When you make speed workout drills a part of your HIIT routine, not only do you burn fat but you also condition your muscles for stamina and agility. The workout above is a routine I highly recommend even if you’re not an athlete.

Since most speed drills don’t require any equipment, they make a great companion routine for my Bodyweight Blast program..