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You probably heard me talk about my failed music career dozens of times, right?

But, there's a part to that story I don't speak about too much because, till this day, I'm still embarrassed and ashamed. However, I feel obligated to tell you because you might be heading down the same direction and not even know...

So, yes, I was signed for a record deal with Sony and yes, I was dropped when they merged with BMG. But, and here's the truth, I wasn't dropped because of the merge..

I was dropped because I wasn't good enough.

I was dropped because I wasn't prepared for the opportunity that was presented to me. This is why I push myself everyday to become a greater version of myself. I do it all so the next time a golden opportunity presents itself, I won't squander it..

Now here's the thing,

When your moment comes, will you be able to say that you're ready? Will you be prepared to rise to the
occasion and take advantage of your one and ONLY shot at success?

If not, hold on, don't panic...

As always, Uncle Brandon's got your back 😉

As most of you know me and my trusted friends are currently flying around for our World Tour: The Renegade Summit.


We are coming to a city near you and your ass better be there, unless:

1) You're not interested in success

2) You don't care what happens and believe that if things don't go your way the world is to blame, not yourself.

Otherwise, you have no time to f*ck around, click here and to save your seat before they all run out!
I'm ready this time, are you?

Ya Boy,
Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC


Are you from L.A.?

The Renegade Summit will be in your city in three days and we don't know when we'll be back..
You have 72 hours to make a decision...

You only have one life, you get to chose how you want to live it. Chose wisely, click here and save your seat now"