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The Day My Father Killed Himself

I will never forget the day I found out that my Father killed himself.

It was a hot summer day, and I got a frantic voice mail from my sister telling he too call her. When I called her back, she told me that my dad was missing and he left a suicide note.

I thought that there was no way this could be real because I had just talked to him the night before about fixing his laptop. He told me he was going to get his laptop fixed in the morning. So I got the first flight out of NYC to Chicago the next morning. When I got to my Mom's house in Chicago, she hugged me at the door and started crying in my arms. I was still hoping that this was not real, and maybe there was some explanation for all of this, until....

The following morning, the police knocked on my Mom's door, asked us to sit down, and told us that they found my Dad's body.Apparently, he checked into a hotel, and shot himself in the head.

This crushed me for number of reasons, most of all because my Dad was my best friend. I hung out with him in Chicago more than people my age. He was also my role model, I looked up to him and wanted be just like him my whole life. So when the person you based your whole life on, comments suicide, it kind of makes you question everything you believe about life.

Yet, I did not have time for that sht because I knew that I no longer had a safety net. I used to think " know matter how much I fck up, my Dad would bail me out", now I knew that nobody was going to ever be there to help me, and I was totally on my own. So I decided to get serious about my life... serious about success.

I was poor as h*ll at the time, so I got a job working for a moving company during the week, I managed my friends restaurant on the weekends, and did any other jobs I could find. I was doing this to raise enough money to start my own business.When I finally saved up enough money, I released my first product, a fat burner called "TEA REXX"

I developed "Tea Rexx" because I used to take other fat burners from GNC that worked, but they made my blood pressure crazy high. Yet, I had a background as a personal trainer and nutritionist, so I knew I could make something 100% that was effective at burning fat, without the negative side effects.

Tea Rexx Was a hit as soon as it came out. Then me and my homie, White Boy Brian, formed a full supplement company around "Tea Rexx".

Now we have over 4 products and a bunch of employees. The point of all this is that the greatest tragedy of my life, turned in to my greatest triumph. If I still had my Dad to lean on, who knows if I would have had the mind set to go after my goals 100%.
If you are going through something hard, know that it will make you stronger... if you don't give up.In honor of my Father (my best friend), I am giving away a few bottles of "Tea Rexx" for free. "Tea Rexx" will help you get ripped faster than you ever thought possible, without the negative side effects.

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Your Friend, Big Brandon Carter
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