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The scary truth about failure...

Most people are afraid of failure.
Don't be.
Here's why...
Steph Curry is probably the best 3 point shooter of all time...
However, guess what his 3 point percentage is?
It's only 51%
That means that the best ever still misses about half of his shots.
Still, he is considered the best to ever do it.
Fortunately life is easier than sports...because you only have to be right once.
No matter how many times you fail...
You only have to build one successful business.
You only have to find the right wife once.
Here's the bad news about accomplishing your goals...
Most people don't take or hit the most important shots so they never live the life of there dreams.
I don't want that to happen to you.
That's why we put together the "Renegade Summit".
We are going to have 4 speakers give you all the secrets to living the life or your dreams.
Tomorrow, we are bringing the summit to Chicago (my home town).
I am really exited about this :)
Your Boy,
Big Brandon Carter

P.S. We changed the venue in Chicago to a bigger space because we maxed out the first spot. There's only a few spots left and we won't be changing the venue again. Secure your place while you can.