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This is why I work so hard...

People always ask me how do I keep my motivation and will to keep striving for success. Well, if you're from a country like America, it's not that difficult if you learn to use and appreciate the resources around you. I've been to a bunch of places around the world and most people don't got it like we do over here in the US. For example, go to your kitchen right now and turn on the faucet. What's that coming out of it (pause)? TAP WATER. Did you know, motherfuckers in certain countries would KILL you for some tap water?

When I think about all the advantages I have, I'd feel like a bitch-ass, loser, and a HOE if I didn't spend every waking minute trying to capitalize on the opportunities presented to me. People before my time have sacrificed their lives so I can enjoy the fruits of their labor and it seems almost disrespectful to their memories if I squander what's available to me. That's why I go hard every damn day.

Anyway, it's been one hell of a day, no fancy gadgets or funny stories, just pure GRIT. Check out the highlights in the brand new episode of EVERDAY DOMINATION down below:

In today's episode, you get to see Bella launch her new YouTube page! She was so excited that she ran around NYC telling people about it. Now, some of you jerks out there are going to say "Oh, it's just YouTube, what is she getting so hype for?" But, you probably don't know the amount of time, energy, and work she had to put in to get to this point...

Bella came to Bro Labs almost a year ago. Before being able to give out advice, we wanted her to get certified, so she spent several hours every day learning how to train people. Plus, if she was going to have a brand that promoted women to have a strong and sexy body, she had to represent that image totally. In the past year, she has gained a total of 18 pounds of muscle while staying lean and keeping her six pack. All my fellas who've bulked before, you know how tough it is to make those kinds of gains, and as a woman, it's ever tougher.

If you are a woman that needs help developing a great physique and would like to learn from another woman's perspective, then click here to go subscribe to Bella's channel now. She will be coming out with tons of workout, diet and overall health & wellness tips that will make your fitness journey easier than ever before. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this...

So, while Bella was out there harassing New Yorkers (lol), I was being interviewed by a casting agent for a show on TV! Unfortunately, I can't tell you what show it is, but watch this video and you might get a few hints...

Once the interview was over, Brian and I got on a call with our buddy Jason who is helping us create our new Guided Meditation Course that will be available soon to our Victory Unit members. These guided meditations will be covering top success principles such as courage, discipline, gratitude, etc. The purpose of these meditations is to focus your energy on these success principles so you can take massive action and get the most out of each and every day. Currently, the price of The Victory Unit is fairly low, but it is expected to go up once we add this dope meditation program. If you're not a member, hurry up and sign up now before the price rises!

After finishing up with Jason, Bella and I jumped onto Facebook LIVE to talk with you guys! We spent the hour answering questions, giving our personal tips and tricks to getting SWOLE and just having a good time. To end the day of as I always do, I wrote a letter to my email list, telling stories and sharing my opinion on the crazy things going on in this world. I write these letters daily and if you're not already, then go to brandoncarter.com/email to subscribe to my newsletter now ;)

Ya boy,

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