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Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

When it comes to building muscle and gaining strength, your main goal should not just be to get bigger - it should be to get stronger as well. Yes you may put on some fat with it, but you can take that fat off with a mix of cardio and HIIT training.

Now, the only real way to build mass is to consume more calories than you burn (to a point). If you're not comfortable with that, then you probably need to go into a fat loss period before you begin building muscle. Because once you start the building phase you're going to have to eat more and sometimes that means you also put on a little fat.

Just like one of the more recent case studies I got:


You can avoid that as well if you add cardio to your regiment - just know that your muscles need to be fed to grow.

Here are the foods I want you to focus on for building mass - and staying in a moderate calorie surplus that's conducive to adding muscle with minimal fat gain:


Muscle Building Components:Protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphoros Brandon's Take: If your stomach can handle milk, I’m all for it if you’re trying to build muscle. Normally I don’t recommend people drink milk, but if gaining muscle or strength is your goal, there’s no denying that milk works incredibly well. I have seen people drink 1/2 gallon of milk per day in addition to regular diet and they have put on as much as 15+ lbs (& got much stronger) over the course of 2 months… If you’re really skinny you can even try a gallon of milk per day.

Grass-fed Beef

Muscle Building Components: 27 grams of protein per 100 grams of beef. Zinc for testosterone production, Vitamin B12, Conjugated Linoleic Acid Brandon's Take: Some of the best protein sources you’ll find come from good cuts of meat. I recommend steaks, ground beef and pork for trying to put on some muscle. As much as I’m not a fan of WalMart you can usually find some cheap stakes that taste pretty good for $4-$5. I know you can't always find or afford grass-fed but when you have the chance, please take advantage.


Muscle Building Components:Glutamine for muscle growth, calcium, protein, iron and vitamins Brandon's Take:Spinach is the most alkaline of the vegetables. Keeping your body in an alkaline state helps you sleep better which is part of the muscle building period. I love that Popeye ate it for big muscles but really it is dense in vitamins and minerals, low in calories and versatile in cooking.


Muscle Building Components:Antioxidants and fiber. Brandon's Take:Fiber is great for the diet. Part of a healthy system is elimination so we need to make sure we keep a healthy system. Apples are full of antioxidants as well, which our cells need to function. There isn't exercise without the Krebs Cycle.


almonds on a white background
Muscle Building Components: 8 grams of protein per 1/4 cup, magnesium Brandon's Take:Almonds are my two personal favorite. Almonds have lots of healthy fats in them and pack a bunch of calories. A 1/4 cup of nuts usually has 200 calories in it. You can easily add 800 calories to your day by making a big handful of almonds your snack in between each meal.

Cottage Cheese

Muscle Building Components:14 grams per 1/2 cup, casein protein, calcium and is low in fat. Brandon's Take:Cottage Cheese is a slow digesting protein. Slow digesting proteins mean your body doesn't have to use muscles as fuel. Great to eat at the last meal of the day prior to a fast, which works perfectly with our Full Body Blitz program.


Muscle Building Components:7 - 8 grams of protein per egg, Omega 3'd and good cholesterol Brandon's Take: Your morning breakfast should look something like this… 4 egg omelette with red pepper, onion; cheese, 2 pieces of wheat toast with peanut butter, hashbrowns and a glass of milk. Eggs are easy to make; not to mention incredibly cheap to buy. They pack a lot of protein & are a perfect meal for breakfast.


Muscle Building Components:20 grams of protein per 100 grams, Omega-3's, Vitamin D Brandon's Take Salmon is actually great for both building muscle and losing fat. It pretty much boils down to how much of it you eat. A 4 oz piece of salmon is good for fat loss, while a 10 oz piece would work for muscle building. Fish like salmon pack a ton of protein. The only draw back to fish is it can be a bit pricey, and a lot people just don’t like it.

Brown Rice

brown rice uncooked in a heap isolated on white background
Muscle Building Components: Manganese, selenium, phosphoros, magnesium, copper and Vitamin B3 Brandon's Take: Rice is always a great post workout meal along with some beans and a chicken breast. It is a slow digesting protein and boosts hormone growth.


Brandon's Take: Water is the ultimate food for building muscle. It hydrates muscles, is the main component in delivering nutrients to the cells, and clears the toxins from your body. Ideally in the muscle building phase you're drinking the same ounces of water as you are pounds, and any more you can manage.

Don't let that be the last word, we have plenty to say about Workout Nutrition. Nutrition is just part of the program as you know. How and when you eat is just as important as what, so make sure you're reading the nutrition section in Full Body Blitz and make sure you're planning the fasting period too.