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Understanding Vasodilation and Its Role in Fat Loss

If you’ve ever picked up a bodybuilding magazine or supplement catalog, then I’m sure you’ve seen a few vasodilation supplements promoting insane muscle pumps during exercise. Achieving an awesome pump does indeed make you feel like you accomplished a kickass workout. However, there is so much more to vasodilation than just getting a pump.

Vasodilation Explained

Vasodilation is basically the dilation (widening) of the blood vessels. This allows for greater blood flow, and more blood flow means more oxygen and nutrient delivery. Vessel dilation is usually achieved through increased concentrations of nitric oxide (NO) in the body, hence the popularity of NO supplements.

Benefits of Vasodilation from a Fat Loss and Muscle Building Perspective

People ranging from the average gym goer, to world class athletes, have used vasodilation supplements for their many documented benefits.

Though often touted for its muscle building benefits, what’s lesser known is the effects of vasodilation on fat loss. Nitric oxide actually encourages the body to burn fat for fuel. One study showed that subjects who supplemented with L-arginine, (a known NO stimulator) showed increased levels of nonesterified fatty acids, a substance essential for lipid metabolism.

In this study, it was proven that increased nitric oxide slows the rate of obesity as well as fight against the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Tea Rexx contains green tea, an ingredient proven in clinical research to induce increased NO levels in the bloodstream.

VasodilationOf course, NO supplements are more commonly taken for its muscle building benefits. More muscle, as you should know, also helps the body burn more calories. As mentioned earlier, NO really amplifies muscle pump during and after a workout. While the pump feels nice, it is not believed to play a role in muscle growth. Vasodilation, however, does aid muscle development in other ways.

For one, vasodilation increases oxygen levels, which in turn increases energy production during aerobic activity. That means it could help you get through those grueling HIIT cardio sessions. It also reduces lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid creates that burning sensation that you feel in your muscles especially during those last few reps. Reduced lactic acid means being able to get in that extra rep or two, thus helping you achieve ABSOLUTE failure that I always stress about.

In addition, taking a NO supplement in between workouts also speeds up recovery. The dilation of the vessels means more nutrients are delivered to hungry muscles. Expedient recovery is essential especially if you are performing both strength training and HIIT cardio to increase muscle mass while losing fat. This study verifies the benefits of NO for aiding in muscle recovery and repair.

Vasodilation Takes Your Workout to the Next Level

I’m a big proponent of training to the point where you absolutely can’t perform another rep or go for another second. This takes a lot of mental fortitude, and sometimes it helps to take a supplement that gives you that extra push.

TeaRexxThis is what Tea Rexx is designed to do; the vasodilation effect gives you that extra pep so you achieve total muscle or cardio failure. Of course, you’ll still have to dig deep each training session, but you’ll have just enough in you to go just one step further.

[photo credit: Anton Petukhov]