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3 Reasons Kids NEED Bullying

Yes, you read that correctly.   In fact, if I was president, my first day in office I would decree all schools implement weekly bullying hours. By law, I would force kids to get picked on, made fun of and occasionally get their asses kicked. If you’re shaking your head right now, please read on. […]

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(LIVE Q&A) Muscle Building Secrets Brandon Carter

What Up What Up Yesterday I spent about an hour in a half answering questions live on YouTube. I covered the fastest way to get a six pack, burn fat and put on serious muscle. Check it out below 🙂

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Why Tom Brady Keeps Winning

I can feel the heat coming already.   “The Patriots are cheaters! Belichick is the devil! Brady deflates his balls!   Look, I’m NOT a Patriots fan. In fact, I’m sort of a secret Giants fan (sorry Bears) and was hyped when they beat Brady in those two Super Bowls. Hell, I even made a […]

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Martin Luther King’s Message Will Get You Ripped

It’s really easy to see the connection.     Dr. King held an extremely straightforward and simple message in the midst of a violent, racist and difficult time in our nation’s history. MLK clinged onto this message his entire life, costing him his own but for the greater good of the nation.   Against all […]

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How To Build Muscle While STAYING RIPPED as F*Ck

This is one of my most important videos… Too often, guys who are bulking let themselves get fat and find themselves embarrassed to take their shirts off. They think this is the only way to gain muscle. They’re wrong. You can put on serious muscle mass and stay RIPPED the whole time. I explain it […]

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The 7 Deadly Gym Sins

Ignore at your own risk…   Pastor Carter in this b*tch. I’d like to share with you the 7 Deadly Sins that will destroy your gains. Avoid these 7 misdeeds, and you will soon be on your way to the Muscular Promised Land.   Sin #1: Isolation Exercises Regular bicep curls and cable flys, I’m […]

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10 Year Old Brandon at Church

Back in the day, Little Brandon Carter wasn’t exactly the most disciplined disciple…   You see, when I went to school they taught Bible stories in science class and I tended to get on the teacher’s nerves with my antics. I was told that I asked too many questions and drew Jesus black, which they […]

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Did Trump Pee on Russian Hookers?

By now, you must have heard the story.   But in case you’ve been living under a rock, the latest scandal is a report from Buzzfeed that President-Elect Donald Trump gave “gold showers” to Russian Prostitutes. Lol.   As you may recall, I know the Donald personally. In fact, we even made a music video […]

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How I get up at 5:30 am AND still get 9 hrs of sleep everyday…

I’ve been getting this question a lot recently.   The people of earth ask “Hey Mr. Carter, how do you get up at the crack of dawn, get your training in, work all day, AND still get 8-9 hours of sleep every single night?”   Good question motherf**ker. It’s easier than it sounds. In fact, […]

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How Many Calories Should You EAT to BURN FAT and GET RIPPED?

I get this question a lot… “Hey Big Brandon Carter. You’re shredded, have sizzling abs and are incredibly handsome. I’ve also noticed that you don’t seem to have a strict diet, as you snap yourself eating ice cream and pancakes often. So how many calories should I eat to get your results?” I break this […]