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(LIVE Q&A) Muscle Building Secrets Brandon Carter

What Up What Up Yesterday I spent about an hour in a half answering questions live on YouTube. I covered the fastest way to get a six pack, burn fat and put on serious muscle. Check it out below 🙂

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The 7 Deadly Gym Sins

Ignore at your own risk…   Pastor Carter in this b*tch. I’d like to share with you the 7 Deadly Sins that will destroy your gains. Avoid these 7 misdeeds, and you will soon be on your way to the Muscular Promised Land.   Sin #1: Isolation Exercises Regular bicep curls and cable flys, I’m […]

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Did Trump Pee on Russian Hookers?

By now, you must have heard the story.   But in case you’ve been living under a rock, the latest scandal is a report from Buzzfeed that President-Elect Donald Trump gave “gold showers” to Russian Prostitutes. Lol.   As you may recall, I know the Donald personally. In fact, we even made a music video […]

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The Lord Giveth Massive Biceps

Your “Holy” gains are coming…   In case you haven’t heard, my new book “Bicep Bible” is coming out soon. In this sacred scripture, I’m going to give you all my secrets to getting massive arms, including the “10 Commandments” for Godly Gains.   These secrets will make sure that wherever you are, your arms […]

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How Many Calories Should You EAT to BURN FAT and GET RIPPED?

I get this question a lot… “Hey Big Brandon Carter. You’re shredded, have sizzling abs and are incredibly handsome. I’ve also noticed that you don’t seem to have a strict diet, as you snap yourself eating ice cream and pancakes often. So how many calories should I eat to get your results?” I break this […]

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It’s Okay, I Forgive You

Really, it’s fine. You don’t have to keep apologizing. In fact, you can make it up to me right here, right now…   You see, I know you haven’t achieved your dream physique yet. In fact, you’ve often found yourself making promises to get Shredded Abs, Monster Shoulders, and Outrageously Enormous Arms, but before you […]

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Why Your 2016 Sucked

Another year, another failed “effort” to get ripped. You watched all the ridiculous infomercials that promised a six pack within 5 minutes and even bought some of the “miracle” products.  Why didn’t it work for you? Let me explain…   You see, there’s THREE major keys to getting rock hard sexy abdominals. These tips are […]

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Best Back and Bicep Workout Routine at Home

Here are the best back and bicep workout routine at home gym enthusiasts will love. All you need is a resistance band and a pull up bar. The movements you need to accomplish growth in your back and biceps are not restricted to gym weights. If you watch the pull-up I did in the first […]