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Tai Lopez’s Reveals How You Can Get Paid $1,000-$10,000 Every Month (Get Exclusive Access Here)!

    Yo! Ok so this isn’t going to be like my usual posts BUT I have something REALLY special I need to show you.. Just the other day I was at the Knick’s game with my homie Tai Lopez. Most of you know Tai from Youtube and his INSANE Snapchat stories. He lives in […]

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Live Q&A (9/9/15)

Check out new live Q-A yesterday !   I actually answer a lot of good questions about getting ripped in this one so check it out !  

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Will Lifting Weights Stunt Growth? (Plus Some Before and After Pics)

Every now and then, people ask me, “Will lifting weights stunt my growth?” The answer is a resounding “NO!” I am going to quickly show you the DATA and tell you my own story about about how I started lifting at age 15. First off, here is what the American Academy of Pediatrics has to say about […]

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Before And After Pics – How Jozen Lost 30 Pounds FAST

I am really Proud of my friend Jozen Cummings. He lost over 30 Pounds FAST by using the same workout program I offer here at this site! The best thing about his transformation is that he did it all on his own! All I did was show him the program, them he did it 6 days […]

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Shocking Before and After Pics Of High Life Workout Graduates

I have been posting workout and nutrition videos on this site for a little over two years. I  have been getting a lot of great feedback from people who have told me that they  have used my advice to reach there fitness goals faster then they ever thought possible! Some people wanted to lose weight […]

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The High Life Workout Plan Helped Her Drop 10 DRESS SIZES!!!!

Shorty is looking right after using The High Life Workout Plan! Not long ago I got a message on my Facebook page from a girl that told me that the High Life Workout Plan got her in to great shape and helped her lose more then 10 DRESS SIZES!!!! “I watched your Youtube vids, which […]