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How To Build Muscle While STAYING RIPPED as F*Ck

This is one of my most important videos… Too often, guys who are bulking let themselves get fat and find themselves embarrassed to take their shirts off. They think this is the only way to gain muscle. They’re wrong. You can put on serious muscle mass and stay RIPPED the whole time. I explain it […]

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Why Being First is ALWAYS Better

Do you know what made my company 10x our profit?   In fact, this tactic is widely considered to be the most important “Law” in all of marketing. So pay close attention and read all the way through, because this directly relates to your fitness progress.   In the wildly successful book “The 22 Immutable […]

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The End of “Manhood”?(Motivational Speech 2017)

I’ve noticed something recently that has made me really upset… It has to do with our lack of respect for each other in modern times. Whether that be someone else’s political, religious or social beliefs, it’s almost as if being rude or disrespectful is being praised. In this short video, I dig into this sad […]

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It’s Okay, I Forgive You

Really, it’s fine. You don’t have to keep apologizing. In fact, you can make it up to me right here, right now…   You see, I know you haven’t achieved your dream physique yet. In fact, you’ve often found yourself making promises to get Shredded Abs, Monster Shoulders, and Outrageously Enormous Arms, but before you […]

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They thought this would KILL ME…

So I tried a crazy experiment… Everyone said it would kill me. or at least f*ck up my health. However, I consider myself pretty hard to kill.. So I tried this crazy diet where you only eat “Steak and Eggs”.     I mean ONLY steak and eggs… I did this for 2 weeks to […]

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Want to Hang Out With Me Today?

Yoo, I want kick it with you today.   You are invited to a free LIVE online class I am doing called…   “How To Get Ripped Fast, Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods”   Sounds cool right?   If you are interested in joining, here is your link to register (don’t sweat if you […]

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This Post May Get Me Into Trouble…

This is risky. It’s probably a bad idea. My team said it would hurt our profits….   But I couldn’t stop myself. I had to do it. I’m going to give you my top 3 secrets to getting a six pack as fast as possible for 2017. Picture it now: you’re walking on the beach […]

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The Best In The Fitness Industry Came Together To Help You!

Yo! Check it out: reached out to me and 100+ other Fitness Experts to help you out! Go to: How To Motivate Yourself To Workout: 100 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips For 2017 to discover our best advice to stay motivated and get mind-blowing results in 2017.   Don’t f*ck this up, no […]

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How To Blow A Few Thousand Dollars In A Day

    Yup, another day of me being a motherf*cking Baller! don’t know man, I’m just in that mode right now. Got to ride this wave ya feels? Lol, check out the whole thing in my new episode of EVERYDAY DOMINATION here: Apparently, Jordans and Converse’s aren’t classy any more. So, I headed out to […]

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I’m Ballin’ Uncontrollably!

Yo what up, what up fam! Today we got a lot going on so let’s get right into it! I haven’t done it in a while so I decided to incorporate a Full Day Of Eating in today’s Vlog. I just finished a successful bulk and I want to maintain and keep all of my […]