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Take Drugs, Reject Hugs: 3 Gym Lessons from Tony Montana

Yup. I said it, and I have good reasons. There’s 3 critical lessons to learn from Scarface in your road to massive success and a breathtaking physique. The third one is the most important, so be sure to read until the end.   Lesson One: Trust Yourself Over Everyone Else There’s a great scene where […]

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I Have a Dream..And President Trump Needs to Hear it

Tensions are high. America is arguably more divided than it has been decades. Senseless violence, strong hostility among families, and severely damaged race relations seem to be all we hear these days.   Well, fear no more America, because Brandon Luther King is here to save the mothaf**kin day. Donald, if you’re reading this (between […]

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They thought this would KILL ME…

So I tried a crazy experiment… Everyone said it would kill me. or at least f*ck up my health. However, I consider myself pretty hard to kill.. So I tried this crazy diet where you only eat “Steak and Eggs”.     I mean ONLY steak and eggs… I did this for 2 weeks to […]

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Why Your 2016 Sucked

Another year, another failed “effort” to get ripped. You watched all the ridiculous infomercials that promised a six pack within 5 minutes and even bought some of the “miracle” products.  Why didn’t it work for you? Let me explain…   You see, there’s THREE major keys to getting rock hard sexy abdominals. These tips are […]

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This Post May Get Me Into Trouble…

This is risky. It’s probably a bad idea. My team said it would hurt our profits….   But I couldn’t stop myself. I had to do it. I’m going to give you my top 3 secrets to getting a six pack as fast as possible for 2017. Picture it now: you’re walking on the beach […]

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The Best In The Fitness Industry Came Together To Help You!

Yo! Check it out: reached out to me and 100+ other Fitness Experts to help you out! Go to: How To Motivate Yourself To Workout: 100 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips For 2017 to discover our best advice to stay motivated and get mind-blowing results in 2017.   Don’t f*ck this up, no […]

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I Arrest A Donald Trump Supporter!

Yo what up, what up!? Today has been quite interesting.. First I went to get a workout in with my boy Don Saladino at his gym Drive495.  If you didn’t know, Don is a celebrity trainer, he’s worked with people like Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and a bunch of other superstars. Stay tuned because we’re […]

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Crazy 4 Minute Ab Workout!

Try This Crazy Abs Workout! (2016) Want to GET A SIX PACK this year? Try this FREE Crazy Abs Workout!!!(Tag Your Friends!!!) Posted by Brandon Carter on Monday, January 18, 2016 CALORIE BURN: 100-200 MINUTES: 4 DIFFICULTY: 3 EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Yoga Mat (optional) WORKOUT TYPE: HIIT, abs Supplements Used: Buy Rebellion Buy Tea Rexx Workout […]

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20 Minute Abs & Cardio Workout

Posted by Brandon Carter on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 CALORIE BURN: 300-400 MINUTES: 20 DIFFICULTY: 4 EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Yoga Mat, No Equipment WORKOUT TYPE: HIIT, Cardio Supplements Used: Buy Rebellion Buy Tea Rexx Workout Details Round 1: 20 seconds rest between each exercise Mega Burpees V-ups Entrapment Push ups Roman Twists Circle Jerks (clockwise) Iron […]

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15 Minute Abs Fat loss Workout “HOW TO GET A SIX PACK FAST”

CALORIE BURN: 200-300 MINUTES: 15 DIFFICULTY: 4 EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Yoga Mat WORKOUT TYPE: HIIT, abs Supplements Used: Buy Rebellion Buy Tea Rexx Workout Details  Round 1: 20 second rest between each exercise  Low Jumping Jacks Roman Twists High Knees Superman Pushups Bicycles Spiderman Planks Alternating Toe Touches Bird Dogs Jumping Lunges 1-leg Burpees 1-leg Burpees […]