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I got into a FIGHT with a fat chick today…

I  never wanted to hit a woman before, until….   I was getting on the train today. There was no room to sit down and many people were standing.   I saw one open seat, but I could not sit in it because…   An overweight chick was using the seat as a f*cking table […]

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Why Your 2016 Sucked

Another year, another failed “effort” to get ripped. You watched all the ridiculous infomercials that promised a six pack within 5 minutes and even bought some of the “miracle” products.  Why didn’t it work for you? Let me explain…   You see, there’s THREE major keys to getting rock hard sexy abdominals. These tips are […]

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Want to Hang Out With Me Today?

Yoo, I want kick it with you today.   You are invited to a free LIVE online class I am doing called…   “How To Get Ripped Fast, Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods”   Sounds cool right?   If you are interested in joining, here is your link to register (don’t sweat if you […]

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The Best In The Fitness Industry Came Together To Help You!

Yo! Check it out: reached out to me and 100+ other Fitness Experts to help you out! Go to: How To Motivate Yourself To Workout: 100 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips For 2017 to discover our best advice to stay motivated and get mind-blowing results in 2017.   Don’t f*ck this up, no […]

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15 Filling Low-Calorie Recipes To Burn Fat Fast

Hunger is a common issue when trying to lose weight, here are 15 Filling Low-Calorie Recipes To Burn Fat Fast without blowing your diet. When it comes to fat loss, remember that it’s all about calories in vs calories out. Of course, factors like ratio of protein, carbs and fat matter as well, but overall calorie […]

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Inexpensive Healthy Meals: Eat Like a Champion Without Breaking the Bank

Eating healthy is often associated with spending lots of money. In this post, I am going to show you how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank… Aside from the sometimes bland taste of healthy foods, the other reason that keeps people from eating healthy is the typically higher cost. Generally, healthy foods do […]

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Kickstart 2016 With These 15 Healthy New Year’s Recipes

New Year’s is a great time to start working towards a healthier You. Kick-off the New Year right with these 15 Healthy New Year’s Recipes! 2016 is here! With a brand new year comes another list of resolutions. Among the list probably includes at least one fitness goal to either lose fat or put on […]

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Stay Lean and Thin With These 12 Healthy Holiday Recipes

If you want to stay lean this holiday season, then you are going to want to check out these recipes… The holidays are often the time when people permit themselves to throw their diet out the window. However, it’s not exactly necessary to stuff your face full of junk food in order to enjoy a […]

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Foods to Eat to Lose More Fat in Less Time

Calories aren’t the only thing that aid in fat loss, food choices can be just as important. This post covers what foods to include and exclude from you diet to maximize your fat loss results! Not all calories are created equal. It should be obvious that a cup of oatmeal is not equal to a […]

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Why Is Nutrition Important? Why Your Food Choices Absolutely Matter

Nutrition plays a vital role in the success of your weight loss journey. Eating micro-nutrient dense foods will optimize fat loss and drastically improve your health   Many people who follow a weight loss program either fail at the workout or the dieting component, or even both. I have noticed, though, that far more often […]