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Please forgive me

I’m not going to lie to you.   I ain’t got no girls. Well, that’s not entirely true. I do have some badass ladies in the Bro Labs Family, including The Victory Unit, Warrior Champion Baller Pimp Program, and 30 Days of Greatness. Shout out to them! But I’ve been slacking.   You see, I […]

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 I Tried to Warn You..You Didn’t Listen

I hate to say “I told you so” but listen…   A few weeks back, I was promoting my “Warrior Champion Baller Pimp” program and we just had our first webinar. Our special guest was Mark Dhamma and already people are LOVING it. Here’s a few comments in the group…   In the emails I […]

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I got into a FIGHT with a fat chick today…

I  never wanted to hit a woman before, until….   I was getting on the train today. There was no room to sit down and many people were standing.   I saw one open seat, but I could not sit in it because…   An overweight chick was using the seat as a f*cking table […]

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Want to Hang Out With Me Today?

Yoo, I want kick it with you today.   You are invited to a free LIVE online class I am doing called…   “How To Get Ripped Fast, Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods”   Sounds cool right?   If you are interested in joining, here is your link to register (don’t sweat if you […]

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World Tour With Kinobody, Brandon Carter, Vince Del Monte and MORE!

Yo! We got a good one today! So, you know my World Tour, right? Well we were just in Toronto, Canada and it was awesome! The room was PACKED and we had some real heavy hitters come through to speak! Check out the whole video: To kick things off we had my boy White Boy […]

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I’m the first black man to do it…

That’s right fam. I’m the first black man to kill the game in GoPro’ing! Seriously, how many black people do you see using a GoPro? Not many. Why? Because GoPro’s were designed to film psycho’s jumping off of cliffs or falling out of the goddamn sky, and only crazy white boys will ever do that […]

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My new dating program…

Yo, What up, what up!? It’s ya boy Big Brandon Carter and it’s been a crazy day… Johnny (my Asian cameraman) and I realized if we’re going to do this vlogging shit we needed to step our game up and buy a drone. We packed our bags, did a bit of research and spent the day causing […]

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I’m sorry guys, I don’t usually act this way…

But sometimes I think it’s necessary… Not sure what I’m talking about? Go watch the newest Vlog I just put out; EVERDAY DOMINATION #3 to be caught up  to speed. Now after watching me scream profusely at an iPad for several minutes, you might be thinking that I’ve gone insane. Don’t worry, my mental health […]

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The Day My Father Killed Himself

I will never forget the day I found out that my Father killed himself. It was a hot summer day, and I got a frantic voice mail from my sister telling he too call her. When I called her back, she told me that my dad was missing and he left a suicide note. I […]