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Pillar #1: Caloric Intake for Losing Weight

What does it mean to eat healthy? It’s actually quite simple: it means staying away from anything that would typically be labelled as junk food. If you absolutely crave for ice cream, hot dogs, and potato chips, then save them for your cheat day. For the rest of the week, though, you have to stick to a healthy eating meal plan if you hope to achieve maximum fat loss and muscle retention.

A Few Rules About Eating Healthy

Try to avoid any foods that come in a package. If it does comes wrapped, canned, or boxed, look at the label for the ingredients. If you were to buy a box of oatmeal, for instance, there shouldn’t be anything listed other than rolled oats. If the list is extensive and includes a bunch of other preservatives with names that are barely pronounceable, leave it on the store shelves.

When I do my grocery shopping, I don’t ever walk down the different aisles to see what’s available or on sale. For me, it’s all about getting in and getting out. The only sections I visit are the produce, dairy, and meat aisle.

The Truth About Food Labels

7173744755_b81739c631_nYou should also be wary of food labels. Food packaging these days often come with sketchy labeling to convince you the food is somehow healthier. Labels like fat-free, sugar-free, low carbs, or 50% less sodium are supposed to convince consumers that the food is a healthier option. Don’t fall for the ploy.

Typically, a food that has less of something is not going to taste as good, which means manufacturers have to compensate for it by adding additional ingredients. Foods labeled fat-free for instance, may contain more refined sugar. Likewise, foods with the sugar-free label may contain unhealthy doses of artificial sweeteners.

What About Organic Foods?

Organic options are usually – but not always – a better choice. Once again, just because a food is made using organic ingredients does not automatically make it healthy. Take sugar, for instance; alternatives like cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, or agave syrup are often used in place of high fructose corn syrup and given the organic label. While these substitutes may be natural, they spike your blood sugar levels just the same as regular table sugar.

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Here are two students of mine that are dedicated to eating the right way to get to the best versions of their selves.

Remember Supplements can help, but they are only meant to be a supplements. Most of my students take Tea Rexx to support their weight loss goals and using Rebellion to give them the edge while working out.

Sample Meal Plan

7:00 am breakfast 1 cup milk, 1 banana, ½ cup oatmeal
9:30 am Sliced fruit and vegetable mix
12:00 pm lunch Whole wheat tortilla wrap w/ sliced chicken breast, vegetables on the side
3:00 pm ½ cup peanuts or almonds, 1 cup milk, 1 fruit
6:00 pm dinner Lean beef on whole wheat bun, 100% virgin olive oil dressing, 1 fruit
9:00 pm 1 cup milk

This is just one of many meal plans you can devise. If you’re at a lost when formulating your own weekly meals, then let me customize a meal plan for you. I have helped hundreds of clients create a dietary plan that is completely manageable and designed to address their specific goals, whether that be fat loss or muscle growth.

Make It a Lifestyle

Look, I get it; eating healthy is no fun. Believe me, I, too, would love nothing more than to be able to gorge on chocolate cake, pastrami sandwiches, and soda pop. However, I made a commitment to myself that my health and physique is more important than satisfying my cravings. Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to forgo your favorite foods for the rest of your life; you’re still allotted one cheat day a week. As long as you keep the bigger picture (e.g. flatter tummy, bigger biceps) in mind, you should be able to stick to a healthy eating meal plan and consistently follow through with it.

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Pillar #2: Caloric Intake for Building Muscle

Why Not Treat Yourself?

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