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What is the High Life Workout?

What is the High Life Workout?

The High Life Workout is my life. In fact, workout is the wrong word. The High Life Workout a personal development plan with an emphasis on fitness. is training your mind to think smarter, training your body to get leaner, training . . . to be a better person.

We help you accomplish your goals, help you make more money, help point out the books that will make you a better person. The High Life Workout is a path to total fulfillment.

What I love about this community is the pictures High Lifers send me. I'm always amazed at the transformations but more importantly the respect for the process and where they are going. The High Life Workout is just that.

Do the program.
Reap the rewards.
Respect the process.

Put in the Work.

We recently did a Q & A Session with the community. It was fantastic and we look forward to doing many more. Below is the recording:

Some Random Excerpts from the Q-A Session:

What should I do if I am skinny fat?

You should cut all the way down first and then start bulking from that solid foundation. John Go said that you can bulk first and then cut down because noob gains will often change your body a lot anyway. However, then you will go from skinny fat to fat fat. You can pick what you would like to do but I always recommend cutting down first.

What is the High Life Workout forum? How much does it cost and where can I sign up? Does it have marketing advice?

The High Life forum is a place where all of my close fans can go to build a community together with only winners. Me and White Boy Brian are going to be answering all your fitness, business, and life questions personally and you can also collaborate with other serious high life members without any trolls ! I did put a price on it as $7.99 a month just for starters to keep the trolls out and only keep the real dedicated members in. We also do have some marketing and business advice in there as well.

Join HighLife Group Here.

How do you work so hard and get ripped?

Humans always do things for two reasons. Either to move from pain or to go to pleasure. It will help you associate massive pain with failing to reach your goals. For example, begin associating bad foods in your mind with nasty belly fat on your stomach. That's what you should think of every time you have that impulse to eat some sugary donuts or some bullshit like that.

I don't want you to lift weights. I don't want you to read books. I want you to pick a goal and really go after it. I want the weight lifting to have meaning, to have purpose. Purpose is going to keep off the pounds. Purpose is going to keep the donuts off your plate.

Put in the Work.

Drive the Dream.

Live the High Life.

And if you really want me to help you, Join the High Life Group.

Also, make sure to check out my program The Simple Shredded Solution for more information about burning fat and building muscles!