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Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

Have you ever wondered what happens to fat after you lose weight? This article explains the science behind fat loss.

When you perform HIIT and follow a steady diet plan, you will begin to shed the pounds. When you lose weight, though, where does the fat go? Does it just disappear into thin air?

Of course, it gets burned off, but what actually becomes of the fat during that process?

The Scientific Explanation

I’m going to get real scientific here, so bear with me. It helps to first understand what fat really is.

To the non-scientists like you and me, it’s just a form of jelly-like substance that we curse at and condemn for hiding our six-pack and toned muscles.

Scientifically speaking, body fat consists of adipocytes (fat cells) with stored triglycerides, which are fatty acid molecules consisting of an oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon atom.

When you consume more calories than your body needs, the excess amount is stored in the form of triglycerides, which cause fat cells to swell and expand in size.

When you expend physical energy to extreme levels, such as the case with HIIT, your body taps into its fat cells for additional fuel.

Unfortunately, the body may also break down muscle for fuel. The ratio of muscle to fat breakdown depends on the type of activity. Short bursts of intense energy causes the body to rely on fat stores for fuel, whereas prolonged activity done at a moderate pace uses more fuel from muscle.young muscular athlete is at the start of the treadmill

This is why a lot of marathon runners look like skin and bones, compared to sprinters that look absolutely ripped and chiseled.

When we refer to fat being “burned,” what is actually happening is that the triglycerides from cells are undergoing oxidation. The molecular change allows them to be converted into usable units of energy.

This energy comes mainly in the form of water and carbon dioxide. When expended, one of two things occur:

  1. The carbon dioxide/water leaves the body through your exhalation, or
  2. Through bodily excrements, such as your urine, sweat, and feces.

Here’s a video with a more in-depth and colorful explanation of how fat is converted and expelled from the body.

Pretty Cool, Huh?

That’s the scientific explanation if you wanted some cool food for thought and know where fat goes when you lose weight.

But I know what you really care about! You want to know how to make that fat disappear so that all that remains is your rippled abs..

This is why I recommend a program like The Simple Shredded Solution. .

It goes back to what I was mentioning about high intense cardio burning more fat than the typical 30 minute leisurely jog, which eats into your muscle.

Remember that what you eat also dictates your fat levels and that long-term fat loss can only be achieved through a combination of resistance training, HIIT cardio, and the right diet.