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Why my ex girlfriend hates me.

You ever have someone sh*t on your dreams?

I remember one time someone I loved took a massive dump all over mine.

It was 2002 and I was in the car with the first girlfriend I ever had. I was explaining to her that I was thinking about stating my own business

She started making fun of me and telling me all the reasons I was not good enough to do it.

She said

"You are not smart enough" "You don't know enough about business" "You don't have any money" "Know one is going to by from you" "you can't beat the big companies"

Anyone every discouraged your dreams like this?
Lucky for me, I didn't value her opinion.

Fast forward 12 years later

I see this chick on the train. I ask her how she has been.

She is working a job she hates.
She is in crazy dept trying to pay off her loan for her MBA.
She did not seem to enjoy life much

Then, she asked our Hero Brandon Carter how he is doing...

When she found out about my fitness business supplement line, my millions of fans, and my world tour that starts next week, I could see the resentment in her eyes...

And I loved it lol.

Why did she resent me?

Because she followed all the rules, did everything the way people told her to, but she is not living the life she wants, while I am living the life of my dreams.

I want you to live the life of your dreams so you don't end up resenting people who are doing amazing things... The way this salty trick resented me.

That's why we put together the "Renegade Summit"


This is for people who want to follow their dream, make their own way in life, and sh*t on the hatters like a boss.

Check to see when the summit is going to arrive in your city

You boy,
Brandon Carter
Snapchat: KillerCarter187

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