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Squats: The Ultimate Workout for Building Leg Muscle

In most gyms, the squat rack typically collects dust, often ditched in favor of the bicep curl machine or the bench press rack. It’s no surprise why so many people skip leg workouts. Even the ones that do work their legs often gravitate towards the leg extension or hamstring curl machine. Make no mistake, though, that the barbell squat is the king of workouts for building leg muscles. The reason most people eschew heavy squatting is simple: it’s outright painful.

Why You Need to Squat (and Squat Heavy)

If you ever done a set of heavy barbell squats, then you know that it’s an exercise that really tests your threshold for pain. Even so, the exercise has long been known as a mass builder that targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Squatting heavy causes a growth hormone spike that you just can’t get from isolation exercises like bicep curls or tricep extensions. Increased GH means more muscle, and more muscle means an elevated metabolism that keeps the fat off.

Other Leg Workouts Just Don't Cut It

You may be tempted to look for an alternative way to work the legs. You might think that leg extensions, hack squats, and leg presses are suitable alternatives. They're NOT! Likewise, squatting with pink dumbbells isn't going to cut it either. You have to put your muscles under enough stress to believe that it has to adapt or die. Only heavy squatting gets this done, period.

Need a little motivation? Check out this video on the history of squatting. It just might inspire you to add this exercise to your routine. After all, it's what the strongmen and pioneers of early bodybuilding did, and they achieved some pretty darn good results in an era that predates synthetic anabolic steroids.


The Takeaway Message? Get Squatting!

Heavy squats are a workout that builds leg muscle like no other exercise can. Yes, your workout intensity will increase tenfold, and you’ll be grinding your teeth with each rep. However, you will see results provided you squat with good form and to failure.

For best results, make sure you follow a good total body routine and diet. It may also help to try a good fat burner like TEA REXX; it is what I use to help me stay ripped. For a really no-nonsense approach, check out The Simple Shredded Solution Program.