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Workouts for a Six Pack

You can have the greatest, most muscular set of abs in the world, but if they are blanketed by a layer of body fat, who cares. These workouts for a six-pack like midsection will really help you carve those muscles out. But no one will see them till we cut some fat out.

In order to rid yourself of the extra body fat around your midsection, you need to incorporate effective cardio sessions into your fitness plan. You cannot spot-reduce the midsection by doing extra ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups. You first must burn off the body fat through proper cardio to properly define the area.

Abdominal training by itself will not do much. Cardio needs to be intense enough to do the trick.

Here are some Cardio and abdominal workouts for a six pack that will have your abs so you're ready for the next impromptu beach outing.

The Path to A Six Pack

The only real way to burn fat and build muscle is through a purposeful diet. We talk about when you should be doing intermittent fasting, when you should be eating and how much in our program The Simple Shredded Solution.

The reason we're talking about cardio and six packs today is because you can have the strongest abs in the world, but until you can cut your bodyfat down you just won't be able to see them.

When it comes to a six-pack, fat is a little bit like a blanket. It fills in all the great lines and ridges that you want. Cardio gives you an opportunity to cut that fat so you can see the awesome.

Kinds of Cardio Training

There are a couple different kinds of cardio training. I am a huge fan of High Intensity Interval training. It really taxes your system for a short period but creates a long calorie burn after you're done.

Heart-rate training is something endurance athletes do. The idea of heart-rate training is to get your heart used to training at higher levels without working harder. This kind of cardio is great for marathon runners because they never get to an oxygen deficit. When you're breathing hard, your body asks you to slow down so the muscles can catch up. This is neither a muscle building or fat loss plan.

Timed cardio training is when you decide to run for 30 minutes/day or get in a daily jog. Running for running sake isn't really an athletic endeavor, it's a fat loss task. Just going out to run for 30 minutes doesn't make you faster, doesn't make your heart more efficient and doesn't build muscle. But it is a great way to burn calories if you're trying to lose weight.

What about the fat?

When your body is in fat storing mode it stores the fat all over your body at once, at the same time. The idea that you can just lose fat around your waist or your midsection is false. You can't do exercises to "spot reduce".

Therefore 1,000's of ab exercises to get rid of just ab fat is ridiculous. You need to place your body is a state of negative caloric burn. If you eat 2,000 calories then workout and only burn 1,000 you can't lose fat. Your body still has readily available calories to use for energy.

So you need to make sure that during the cut phase, when you're trying to eliminate the fat to make your abs pop-out, that you're eating 2,000 calories but burning 3,000 calories.

What's next?

If you really want to get ripped, this is a good place to start. But starting ain't the same as success. If you really want it, then grab my program The Simple Shredded Solution. Don't think about it. Just get it done.