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World Tour With Kinobody, Brandon Carter, Vince Del Monte and MORE!

Yo! We got a good one today!

So, you know my World Tour, right? Well we were just in Toronto, Canada and it was awesome!

The room was PACKED and we had some real heavy hitters come through to speak! Check out the whole video:

To kick things off we had my boy White Boy Brian tell a heart-braking story about his brother and he has such a deep passion for biology and what this whole business means to him. I would tell you what it is, but it just wouldn't do it any justice. You're just going to have to watch the video..

Then, we had Yahya Bakkar come up and explain the TRUE meaning of Confidence and how you obtain it. According to him,  your confidence levels are influenced by where you derive your sense of value. DAMN! He went on to explain his "three rings of confidence" and how you can use them to gain the confidence you always needed to ask for that promotion, or take that girl out..

Up Next was the homie Raymond Duke, the million dollar copy-writer. He had a presentation on how to "Stop Being a Whore." No, we weren't talking to a room of prostitutes, it's more like a metaphor lol. If you look at whore's career she is always trading her time for money. You pay her for an hour or two and she leaves after unless you pay her more. Now how does a job work? The same way! You come in, do what you are told to do whether you like it or not and then leave. Stop being a whore bro, come to the Renegade Summit ;)

After Raymond we had my friends from Honest Signalz talk. Honest Signalz are made of two dating coaches and they gave a great talk about developing relationships in social life and in business. They spoke on coming into every environment with a positive attitude because it keep you open to new people and opportunities. Also, they spoke on the importance of finding a niche and branding your business towards the right market.

Afterward we had my little bro Kinobody (Greg O' Gallagher) come up and talk about a scene from Fight Club and how success is actually pretty simple but what we all need is a gun-to-the head mentality to get us through to the otherside..

Then Doc Testosterone came in with his fly suit and gave a great speech about his father's extreme pressure as a child. He made him study for hours and hours, past the point of exhaustion. This forced him to be extremely theoretical, but completely action-less. He knew a lot of things but couldn't apply them in real life. He showed the audience how to change their brain and start thinking less and doing MORE!Next up to bat was one of the living legends, Vince Del Monte! He talked about a "Mafia Mentality". How to keep certain people in and certain people out of your circle. The power of networking and how to find those key players that will take your life and your business to the next level!

I wrapped everything up by exposing the importance of money and how the lack of it puts people into bondage. After putting the fear into them (lol) I gave a presentation on the strategies anyone can use to grow an online business..

It was really awesome hanging out with everyone in Toronto and I hope to see YOU at the next one! Don't f*ck this up. Go to:


and sign up now!

Ya boy,

Big Brandon Carter a.k.a BBC


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