Yup. I said it, and I have good reasons. There’s 3 critical lessons to learn from Scarface in your road to massive success and a breathtaking physique. The third one is the most important, so be sure to read until the end.

Lesson One: Trust Yourself Over Everyone Else

There’s a great scene where Tony yells “Who do I trust? ME!” On your road to getting Ripped and Shredded fast as f**k, you’ll hear a lot of people try to stray you from the path. It may not even be intentional, but they’ll say things like “Comon, don’t go to the gym now, it’s too late.” Or, “Come on eat this cake (pause), you deserve a break!” While it’s cool to get advice every now and then, at the end of the day you need to trust your own gut. Don’t let anyone else deviate you from your goals. Here, the drug is your addiction to success. The hug is everybody trying to slow you down. Choose wisely.

Lesson Two: Always Plan Ahead

On his way to the top, Tony faced (what appeared to be) impossible obstacles. Enemies tried to steal his business, “friends” backstabbed him, and his own Mama did her best to keep him from going after what he wanted. But Tony was always one step ahead, with security cameras in case of thieves, nearby escape routes in every deal, and backup always ready in the shadows.

While Tony couldn’t KNOW things were going to go wrong, he always PLANNED for it. You must adapt this mentality in your road from Scrawny Wimp to Jacked Pimp. Somebody at the gym hogging the bench? Do push ups until you can no longer feel your arms. The gym’s not open? Have a portable pull up bar and exercise mat, find some scaffolding, hit the floor, just do whatever it takes. Take the drug of excess paranoia and planning for everything, instead of b*tching about it with a self pity hug. Lesson Three: Don’t Waste Opportunity

As I said at the beginning, this the most important lesson. Throughout the film, Tony consistently takes advantage of every opportunity he gets. He hears there’s a way for him to go from a slum in a ghetto to Downtown Miami and he immediately takes action. Next he gets a chance to fly to Bolivia to meet the wealthiest man in the country and secures a multi-million dollar deal. The key here is…He never hesitates and is rewarded for his decisive action every single time. So when you see these opportunities, take the drug of massive action. You simply don’t have the luxury of hugging it out with yourself and your uncertainties and half-assed-ness, as time waits for no one. Like Tony, you now have an opportunity to get my book “Instant Abdominals” absolutely free.

You can do this by heading over to www.instantabdominals.com Whatever you do, just remember to trust yourself, plan ahead, and don’t waste your opportunities, as they don’t come around often.

The Bad Guy,

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