By now, you must have heard the story. But in case you’ve been living under a rock, the latest scandal is a report from Buzzfeed that President-Elect Donald Trump gave “gold showers” to Russian Prostitutes.
As you may recall, I know the Donald personally. In fact, we even made a music video together.
So did the Donald bust an R. Kelly on these girls?
The answer is maybe, but who gives a f*k? I’m out here trying to make gains I’m not going to let bullsht distract me from my goals. Will you?
See, I’m more concerned with helping you get massive, sculpted, and shredded arms than I am with the President’s choice of toilet. In fact, I wrote a book called “Bicep Bible” which details the exact strategies and protocols I have used to build my own arms from skinny linguini's to big scary guns. If you just follow the Ten Commandments I lay out for you in the book, there will be no need for you to sin at a whore house. Instead, the ladies will want to pay YOU to cop a feel.
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Brandon Carter

Snapchat: KillerCarter187
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Ps. If you’re reading this Mr. President, be sure to head to www.bicepbible.com and build your arms up..you probably need it more than anyone else right now. ”

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