Do you know what made my company 10x our profit?

In fact, this tactic is widely considered to be the most important “Law” in all of marketing. So pay close attention and read all the way through, because this directly relates to your fitness progress.

In the wildly successful book “The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” the first law states Being First is Better than ACTUALLY Being Better.

Think about it. Almost everyone knows the first Bible Chapter is “Genesis” but what’s the second?

We all know Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player, but the second brother could be someone from my hood for all I know. By all accounts, the first chapter of the bible and Jackie Robinson aren’t significantly superior to their secondary counterparts, so why does it reflect that way historically?

In short, the first always sticks stronger in our minds, regardless of its actual superiority. This is why I want you to be the “First” to get sexy sculpted biceps among all your peers.

To help you get there, I wrote a new book called “Bicep Bible.” By following my master strategies, your arms will POP and make panties DROP from your bicep mountain TOP. Bars.Be sure to to sign up at www.BicepBible.com  for the VIP notification list, so you can be the “First” to know when it drops.

Your Big Homie,
Brandon Carter

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PS: “Being second is to be the first of those who lose” www.BicepBible.com

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