I can feel the heat coming already.

“The Patriots are cheaters! Belichick is the devil! Brady deflates his balls!

Look, I’m NOT a Patriots fan. In fact, I’m sort of a secret Giants fan (sorry Bears) and was hyped when they beat Brady in those two Super Bowls. Hell, I even made a video with Steve Weatherford, the Giants Kicker when they won the ring in 2012.

But as much as it may hurt to admit it, Brady is probably the greatest Quarterback of all time. He has 4 Super Bowl Rings and is two games away from his 5th. And he’s 39 years old! Most players in the NFL begin breaking down in their late twenties. The average NFL playing career is less than 3 years. So what has kept Brady elite for 16+?

The answer is a structured routine combined with wanting it more than anyone else.

Brady is known for having a rigorously structured routine. He’s in bed by 8:30 pm every night and gets up at 4 am. He follows a specific protocol  for his diet, fitness, and mindset in addition to what they already have him do in practice. He has and continues to go above and beyond the expectations every day consistently, which has allowed him to dominate guys twice as young as him.

I resonate with this because I follow and instruct my clients to follow very specific habits and routines to build incredible physiques. I have trained all kinds of people, from elderly women looking to stay attractive for their partners to young men wanting six packs for their best summer ever. From what I’ve seen firsthand and as Brady has proven, age is not a dictator of success. If you have the right routine and want it bad enough, you’ll get there.

I lay out the structured routine you need for huge arms in my new book “Bicep Bible.” I go into great detail on the most effective workouts to make your bi’s and tri’s peak out the way you’ve always wanted them to. However, while I can lay out the perfect workout plan (the same way an NFL coach can draw up a perfect play) I can’t MAKE you want it bad enough. So if you’re looking for “abs in 5 minutes” please look elsewhere.

If, however, you’re ready to take your gains to a whole new level using discipline and consistency, head on over to www.BicepBible.com to be alerted when its released.

Stay Winning,
Coach Carter

PS: “I’m not a person who defends myself very often. I kind of let
my actions speak for me” -Tom Brady. www.bicepbible.com

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