Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, if I was president, my first day in office I would decree all schools implement weekly bullying hours. By law, I would force kids to get picked on, made fun of and occasionally get their asses kicked. If you’re shaking your head right now, please read on. There are 3 critical reasons why you, your kid and even your grandma need to be pushed around.

#1: Bullying Teaches You Patience

Remember the Karate Kid? If you didn’t see it, a young fella named Daniel is getting his butt whipped by these bullies so he gets help from this Japanese combat expert, Mr. Miyagi. While Danny wants to practice flying punches, falcon kicks and other gangsta sh*t, Mr. Miyagi forces him to begin with simple and boring movements. As the Japanese Floyd said, “First Learn Stand, Then Learn Fly.”

#2: Bullying Teaches You Prevention

At one point in the film, Danny says he’s training so that he can learn how to fight. Mr Miyagi quickly corrects him, saying no, you train so you don’t have to fight. This hits home because back in my military school days, I used to get bullied all the time until I began training. Once I did, I never had to fight again because of the new confidence I had in myself, both mentally and physically.

#3: Bullying Teaches You Reality

Too many kids today coast through life getting everything they cry for. Our current culture of last place medals, safe spaces and “trigger warnings” is creating the softest generation humanity has ever seen. While well-intentioned, this is NOT how life works. People will say and do things you don’t like. If you lose, you f**king lose and are punished for it. Perhaps a wedgie or two would help these snowflake bubble boys to understand that. So there you have it. Bullying is good for you. Use it to your advantage by learning patience, prevention and how the world works. But if you want a shortcut, you could just get big ass arms that intimidate potential enemies. In my new book “Bicep Bible” I teach you the most important strategies to get your bicep peaks taller than Everest. Find out more at www.BicepBible.com

Your Friend,

Brandon Carter

PS: “It’s ok to lose to an opponent. It’s never okay to lose to fear” – Mr. Miyagi”

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