Let me tell you a quick story.

When I was doing fitness modeling for NIKE I wanted an extra edge to burn fat faster so I could get my abs poppin’ off.

Only problem was every fat burner I tried (and I’m pretty sure I tried 99% of them) either gave me headaches or serious stomach pain. I found this weird, because the ingredients I saw on the bottles were healthy, such as Ginseng and Ketones. But after conducting a little research and speaking with a few other top nutritionists, I discovered what was causing my head and stomach aches were the ingredients they left OFF the bottle. I didn’t even knew that sh*t was legal!

Legally, supplement companies can get away with leaving off cheap & crappy ingredients if it’s part of a “proprietary blend.” In short, it just means saving them $ while sacrificing your health in the process.

So since I couldn’t find an all-natural, all ingredients listed + zero side effect fat burner, I decided to make my own.

I call it “Tea Rexx” and I want you to have a free bottle.

“Hey a$$hole, if it’s so high quality and expensive to make without the crappy blends, why no charge?” Well, because I want you to see how effective it is for yourself, knowing that the overwhelming majority of you will want more. Drug dealers do this too, but I wouldn’t know anything about that…

Get your free bottle of Tea Rexx at www.freetearexx.com

Your Friend,
Brandon Carter

Snapchat: Killercarter187
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PS: Tea Rexx normally sells for $50 on my website. Once you try it out, you’ll see why it remains my best-seller.

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