My Top Book for 2017

And it terms of principles you can implement IMMEDIATELY upon reading, it might even be my top book, period. 
The book is called “Higher Status” and was written by my homie Jason Capital.
Jason is known as one of America's top success coaches and was even recognized by former President Barrack Obama in his “top 100 entrepreneur list”
Anyway, the book is all about improving your sub communications in the way you walk, talk and speak.
Jason literally takes you by the hand on each of these signals and show you in extremely simple steps how to easily improve in all of them with clear examples and exercises for you to practice to improve fast as heeeell.
For a sneak peak into the book, Jason and I recorded a short video about it and reveal how you can order the book for fur-ee.
That's right, $0 for you to get BBC's top book of the year.
But Jason's generosity runs out on Sunday, so make sure to watch the video below to take advantage now-

Brandon Carter
Snapchat: KillerCarter187
Instagram: Bcartermusic
PS: To make things even sweeter, Im throwing in 3 awesome bonuses when you get your book before Sunday, including exclusive content you literally can't find anywhere else 🙂
P.P.S: Get your book and bonuses here

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