How to Effortlessly Burn 500 More Calories Per Day Without Even Thinking About it

I know 3 things to be true in this world.

(In fact, my brotha and NYT-best seIIing author Lewis Howes always closes his interviews with guests like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Ray Lewis to name their 3 truths).

And while I’m not the self-help King, the 4 Hour-WorkBodyChef guy) or a Super Bowl Champion, I’ve had a lot of success in my life with these 3 truths as the core principles I live by.

#1. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time

#2. You can’t turn a whor* into a housewife

#3. You must be in a caloric deficit to lose weight

People to seem to struggle with #3 the most, because when they begin tracking what the eat and aim to hit their bodyweight in pounds x10, they realize a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts can quickly become 500 calories and the clock hasn’t even hit 12 pm yet.

But one little hack I’ve found to easily burn 500 more calories per day (giving you more room to eat that extra snack and still lose weight) is doing an active activity that you love doing OUTSIDE of the gym.

I’m talking basketball, tennis, golf (walk the 18 holes), or whatever your favorite hobby is. The reason this is so effective is because when you engage in a sport you love, it doesn’t feel like work. This is why 1000’s of my clients rapidly lose 500 extra calories per day with this method.

While I’m an advocate of HIIT cardio, that sh*t is not fun. I’m well aware of the clock on my 6th burpee. But playing bball? Shiiiiit…I could do that for 4 hours and it feels like 30 minutes.

“But Brandon, I don’t have any hobbies. I sucked at sports in school and the only time I was an athlete was for the chess team.”

Okay bro, two things:

#1. Chess is not a sport. You were not an athlete, you were a nerd. But that’s cool! You’re going to own the accounting firm that the High School QB will be mopping the floor at.

#2. What sport do you enjoy watching? Better yet, what sport would you love to be able to play well? You don’t have to be Roger Federer to want to be able to whoop your friends on the tennis court.
Once you decide on the activity you want to get good at, hire a coach to accelerate your the learning process.There are 1000’s of affordable online resources for every skill imaginable on sites like and

With a coach, you’ll be in the top 1% of people who are taking the skill seriously and will get 90% better than you would have on your own. I’m sorry I keep using basketball (but I’m a 6 foot black man, so I can’t help it) but my manager Michael Trill$teen used this strategy to be the only White Jew on earth that can hit a foul shot.

Throughout High School, Trillsteen was a theater geek. He was like Zac Efron in High School Musical without the basketball or girlfriends (poor Trilla). Anyway, while he’s in good shape and does 10-15 mins of HIIT after workouts, he was struggling to get the 6 pack packing.

He had the “baby abs” where you can kind of see the abs if you look just right in the mirror from far enough away, but he wanted to get them BBC abs where they look like little blocks of black steel. To do that and not hate his diet, he would have to burn at least 300+ more calories each day, which proved to be difficult for him. Years went by and he looked more or less the same.

But Trill loved basketball (as proven by how many arguments we have in the office about Derrick Rose and if the Knicks deserve to be an NBA Franchise). So he hired a coach who used to play professionally overseas. In just a few months, Trillsteen has went from the guy who mops the floor at NBA games to a solid 14th man rotation guy off the bench. Plus he’s burning at least 500+ more calories per day in his basketball training and it don’t feel like work.

If Trill the “Thespian” can do it, anybody can do it.

Summary + Action Plan

As you know, none of what you read will mean sh*t if you don’t act upon it. So I kindly laid out your action plan to do immediately upon finishing this article:

Step #1: Identify what sport or active hobby you’d like to be good at. This can range from common sports like Tennis or more niche hobbies like frisbee or volleyball.

Step #2: Hire a coach to accelerate your learning curve. Affordable and easy websites that offer services like this are and DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP. By doing this, you’ll be in the top 10% of people who take the skill seriously and will get 90% more return on your time practicing. The better you get at the sport, the more you’ll want to do it and the more fun it will be burning the calories.

Step #3: Enjoy the spoils of effortlessly burning an extra 500+ calories per day by treating yourself to your favorite snacks while still getting closer to your rock hard 6 pack everyday.

That’s all folks. If you found this helpful, leave a comment below. If you were offended at something I said, send your hate mail to

See you next Friday.

Your boy,
Big Brandon Carter

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