Broke Ass to First Class: How to Upgrade Life’s Inevitable Problems

Several years ago on a chilly night in New York City, a personal trainer in his mid 20’s was facing a dilemma.

You see, he was a drug dealer and established a system where he would actually Fedex his supply from Miami (where it was cheaper) to NYC where he could seII it at a higher rate.

But after 3 days (well over the expected delivery time) nothing showed up. A week later, still no package showed up at his door. The fear of the box being delivered elsewhere and getting caught kept him awake each night His palms were sweating, his stomach felt queasy and he canceled all his clients that week as he didn’t want the police to bust him in front of them.

So he had a decision to make; stay home and run the risk of spending 5-10 years in jail or flee to Mexico and hope to befriend the cartel.

A few years later, a 45 year old sportswriter in Los Angeles was also facing a dilemma.

Like the trainer, his challenge kept him up awake at night for a week straight. He had 2 options and couldn’t decide on which to choose. So to help himself figure it out, he decided to vent about his issue in an article for ESPN.

You see, this writer had courtside tickets to game 7 of the Clippers-Spurs playoff game (a value of at least $5,000). But that very same night was also the long-awaited fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, which his buddy Jimmy Kimmel invited him to.

So he wrote all the pros and cons out in a long-winded column titled The Saturday Night Decision where he eventually chose to to go the NBA game, although he didn’t feel good about it.

So what’s the difference between the trainer and the sportswriter’s problems? Both their issues kept them awake at night, added stress to their minds and left them feeling extremely anxious.

Of course, the difference is the sportswriter had a better problem, which is all you should aim for in your life.

Too often, I get emails and comments on my videos from guys asking me how to solve their personal crisis. “I can’t put on muscle,” “My girlfriend won’t talk to me” or “I can’t afford a gym membership.” They complain this one thing is holding them back from achieving anything else.

They all seem to be under the false assumption that once their issue is solved, rainbows will spray the sky and they’ll magically fall into a bed of Slovenian supermodels.

The truth is life is a series of problems and you shouldn’t focus on eliminating them , but rather upgrading your problems from hobo on the street, to first-class passenger.

Spoiler alert: I was the guy contemplating jail time or (ironically) illegally immigrating to Mexico. I thought I was chained to these 2 options from my “problem” and they were just a natural part of life.

But the truth was I was focused on the wrong problem. I was playing in the basic b*tch sandbox of problems (can't pay my rent, that girl never notices me, etc) instead of figuring out to break into the Baller Amusement Park of problems (should I get the ferrari or Lambo? Lobster or Sushi?).

Of course, as soon as I asked myself what I’d have to do to get Baller Problems, the obvious answer came to stop being a criminal and then BAM: new set of problems on how to start a legitimate fitness business. But that’s a better problem!

It sounds corny, but an extremely helpful first step to becoming successful at anything is to begin thinking about what problems you would have if you already accomplished your goal,

This is a powerful reframing technique you can use with any obstacle you’re facing right now, from business to your personal life.

So to the guy who can’t afford a gym membership, I’d encourage him to think what it would be like to have to choose between Equinox and the YMCA. It would probably click in his mind that he’d need to make $5,000 a month and his current job isn’t cutting it. So he has to begin looking on and fix up his Linkedin profile. Still a problem, but a much better one.

For the guy upset about a girl, I want him to ponder the difficulty he’d have in choosing between the 5 girls texting him to take them out for drinks tonight. This means he needs to begin going out more, improving his style and becoming better at small talk, which may lead him to investing in a coach. A challenge? Of course but a highly more productive one.

Notice the powerful mindset shift in all these examples. We almost secretly hack our minds from “I can’t do this” to “Well if I DID do this, here are the action steps I need to take to get there.”

Problems don’t go away. All we can do is shift our focus to what it would be like to have better problems and we’ll naturally begin finding the “solution” without much difficulty.

So I challenge you: think about the biggest “problem” you’re facing right now. Now upgrade to the First-Class version of this problem. What would it take to get there?

Now X out this browser and go do it.


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