Top 5 ways to make Money Online (Cliff Notes)

This past week, I went live on YouTube giving you guys my top 5 money making tips online.

The training was 60 minutes long and although it got a lot of love (99% likes versus less than 1% dislikes, which is damn near impossible on a “making money” YouTube video) a ton of people were like “can I get the sparknotes brah?”

And while I would normally say you’re not going to get far in life looking for the easy way, the homie Titus (@titusg973 on Instagram) put together the “cliff notes” version of my 60 minute training video on the top 5 ways to make the big bucks online below.

But now you have NO excuse. So make sure to get it crackin~

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Top 5 Ways to Make M0ney Online Summary:

Sell information products
Coaching & Provide Service
Affiliate Marketing
Build a social media following

I. E Commerce

Set Up a store where people can pick what they want from a catalog of products
Self-manufactured products
Ship to fulfillment center
Fulfillment center ships to customer
Hands off the transaction, marketing only
Amazon FBA
People order product from your site's catalog
You have it shipped directly from the manufacturer
No inventory
Shopify, Magneto, eBay, Amazon
Source from Alibaba Express
Overseas dropshipping source
They got it for the low (for cheap)
You import in your store and mark it up however you want
Example: mini Bluetooth speaker
Manufacturer: $4
Customer: $10
60% profit
Use Oberlo / Shopify
Allows you to import drop-shippable items from Alibaba Express
When somebody buys product, you just hit a button (once a day) and it sends the shipping information to Alibaba Express and they ship it for you.
It takes about two weeks to ship from China.
You may get customer complaints
Find American manufacturers and market to people in America (a lot faster)
Amazon FBA
Upload the product catalog to Amazon
Anybody can sell anything on Amazon
You can have a personal assistant do this for you, or just do it yourself at first
Setup an account
Ship your products to their warehouses
List them on Amazon
Amazon handles the transactions, the payments, and the shipping
People search in Amazon, so if you do the SEO right, they will find and buy your products.
Print on-demand
Kinda like dropshipping
Hire a designer to come up with designs
Setup the shop with the print on demand service
Once they have your designs, your skews, the kind of shirts/clothing you want, they'll put the designs on the thing how you want it
Then you setup your shop and when someone buys, they only charge you, say $10 for a ‘stringer' A-shirt. You can mark it up to $14 (13.99) or even 20 (19.99) if you got the juice
You make ~50% profit or close to that
No inventory, they handle shipping, the transactions,
All you have to do is the marketing and your stuff is lit
Get designs on Fiverr
Book cover designs for $4
Create a simple Shopify store, then use sites like TSpring or Printful (best) and it will link into your Shopify store so people actually buy from you
Upload your designs
There is a Shopify app called Printful or Printfully
Search ‘print on demand' in the Shopify app store

II. Sell Information Products
This requires that you're good at something or know something well.
If you're not an expert, you can set yourself up as the investigator who talks to experts, compiling their techniques into a course.

III. Coaching / Providing Services
You have to be good at something
You have to be good at teaching that thing to other people
The more specialize you are the more you can charge (e.g. internet marketing vs internet marketing for fashion brands
Requires your time and attention

IV. Affiliate Marketing
Market someone else's product to your traffic / email list
Requires no product, no skills, except getting traffic. Traffic is a cornerstone in online marketing.
Two strategies
Direct linking – Setup Bing ads that go directly to your affiliate links, no squeeze page, no website (riskier). Know the right keywords.
List building (email, social media). Come up with a lead magnet / squeeze page – a page where you collect email & name in exchange for an ebook or some tips
Amazon affiliates
High traffic
Low base commission that increases based on how much you sell
Whatever they buy on Amazon for the next 24 hours, you get credit for.
Put out a free ebook and send people to Amazon.
This is how Brandon first started

V. Build A Social Media Following
Everything prior requires traffic to work
You can use social media to drive traffic
Facebook is the most powerful platform for marketing and selling products
The more poppin your Facebook fan page is, the cheaper your ads are, the higher your profit.
Fb is the best advertising platform (higher ROI than YouTube)
YouTube fan is usually more valuable (they know you, like you, and trust you)
The ads in the newsfeed are nothing special. It's the retargeting.
Retargeting is where you make the most money.
YouTube SEO
Keywords with high search, low completion
Recommended videos
Watch time is important

Make money selling products on a blog. You just gotta have a lot of traffic
Good strategy
Make 10 really good articles, whether you have to pay somebody, or write them yourself and pay someone to make em good.
Make 10 articles for each one of those real good articles that link back to that one, so you have a bunch of backlinks.
Make sure your keywords are good
Make sure its something that people would wanna share

Ebook Affiliate Links
Strategy: Make a product page on your website, clickfunnels, etc. The links you advertise go to that page with all the products there. Then when they click that link, that's when they go to Amazon.
Blog/Personal Site –> WordPress
Ecommerce store –> Shopify (great integration w Facebook ads)
Funnels / Sales Pages / Sales Funnels -> Clickfunnels

Freelancer Websites (e.g. video editing, web development, graphic design, logo design, label design, ebook covers)
Fiverr (basic stuff, ebook cover)
99designs (design)

How To Grow Social Media/YouTube
It takes consistency over time
You need ~100 videos for your channel to take off (unless you do viral shit or already famous). Something special happens after 100 videos (if they're all indexed good, with good keywords, good titles)
Sometimes you'll have a video and it's not doing well. But somebody else who's popular posts a video that's related to yours and it will pop up on the related and you'll just see your shit go up
You can't control this, but if you have enough videos, it's gonna happen.
Major tips
Get your search engine optimization (SEO) right
Get the right keywords on your videos
Make 100 videos
It's good to have a theme or focus on a specific niche for each channel (e.g. fitness, fitness clothing; personal development, book reviews; bodybuilding workouts)
Brandon's biggest mistake: Putting everything on his one channel

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