Learn The Secret To Becoming as Powerful as The BLACK PANTHER!

This is going to be LIT.

For those of you who haven’t seen Black Panther yet (which is roughly 25% of white and -25% of black people) there is a certain herb that gives the Black Panther powers.

Similar to the spider bite giving Spiderman his powers, “vibranium” gives the Wakandan people the power of the Black Panther, which gives superhuman strength and ability to whoop a** for those who drink it.

This magic herb happens to be purple, which makes sense for a variety of reasons (purple drank, grape soda, etc). But the REAL reason it’s purple is the reason for this blog post:

The drank that gives Black Panther Powers is the same color as the one you get when you mix Rebellion-Pre Workout, Revolt BCAA’s and Creatine!

This whole time I wondered why everyone says they feel like a goddam superhero everytime they take these combined highly-dosed and powerful supplements before workouts and now I finally know why: when you take em’, you’re harnessing the power of Wakanda!

With this realization in mind, I decided to making a special “Black Panther Stack” for those of you who want to take your workouts to the next level: the true warriors who want to make a strong push with summer around the corner.

For this week only, you can get the “Black Panther Stack” which includes Rebellion Explosive Pre-Workout, Revolt Advanced BCAA’s, Creatine + my best-seIIing books Ultimate Cuts, Ultimate Mass and Ultimate Alpha for 66% off.

That’s right my wakandan brother. You too can harness explosive energy, speed and maximize your gains potential with the 3 best supplements for getting jacked + get the “knawledge” on how to best use them from 3 books with over 1,100 5 star reviews on Amazon.

But the Black Panther Stack isn’t for everybody: it’s only for champion who are serious about getting ripped for summer. That’s why I’m only leaving it open until Sunday, March 25th.

To grab yourself this bada*ss Black Panther stack, go below~

Black Panther Stack



Brandon Black Panther Carter

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